An Update for Guests at Maverick Ranch

Dear Mavericks,

The world has been spinning and we here at Mavericks are rolling right along with it. Life offers many ups and downs for us all. For so many folks in the world right now, there are a lot of downs. Isn’t it wild we all share this?

Mavericks was conceived some 13 years ago but first came to light in 2012. Founded with principles derived from Community Based Management Theory, Maverick Horseback Riding has evolved to fill community needs.

This begs the question: Who is our community?

Have you been following us on Facebook and Instagram? It’s truly a full time job to keep all of the social media platforms and website running. We keep track of active followers to better understand who our community is and what they need and want from life, from horses, from coming … Continue Reading

Where we’re going…

We don’t need roads and we might not even need trails. We’ve updated our availability page and it reflects a turn back to what made us one of Texas’ most popular riding destinations: Focus on form. Years ago in 2012 when Mavericks was in its earliest stages of development, the question “What does the community want and need” kept arising.

Now, more than ever, it seems apparent to me (and I hope it is more apparent to everyone) that our NEED to have real, healthy spaces and our need to eat real, healthy food is at the forefront of conversation. Finally! I want to point out again (and again and again) that you can’t have either of these without healthy dirt and water.

At Mavericks, we share our hope that the future is filled with LESS roads, more trails and … Continue Reading

A Day in the Life of a First Generation Rancher

“Blog!” You tell me. I have no idea what I’m doing. Just running with it. Thanks for the encouragement! Multilingual video blogs coming soon? Perhaps. Stay tuned.

As a first generation rancher, I’ve had quite a task set in front of me. Building the infrastructure to create and sustain a working ranch is no small feat. What’s perhaps created an even more interesting track of obstacles is that my goal has never been to profit.

While profiting is of course one of the goals of every single business, it has not been one of my personal goals. My main personal goal (which is also the main mission of the company) is to not only improve the land, but also reach out to a generation of younglings who will desire to become lifelong learners of how we, as humans, as companies, … Continue Reading

A Day in the Life of a Modern Texas Rancher

A Letter From the Owner


It’s far too early in the morning and I’ve been up for at least an hour.  I did what any self-respecting American would do.  I got my butt out of bed and am making a cup of tea to settle back down and put in a few hours of work while I do it.  I woke up to coyote yips in the field.  I’m worried.  I’m worried about the ram on loan from a local non profit.  I asked before taking the ram what I would be out if he met an unfortunate ram demise.  I take borrowing things really seriously.  I’m worried about Hey Ewe who is not with the rest of the sheep on the 6 acres, but rather running with the horse herd.  I’m worried about the lamb.  I’d normally have … Continue Reading

Bluff Top Trail

Howdy Mavericks!

We are excited to share with you a new trail option for Spring 2020. The Bluff Top Trail Ride offers incredible views and elevation changes that are more gradual than the Ranch Trail. Bluff Top Trail Riders will enjoy 45-50 minutes in the saddle, and a total of about an hour and 15 minutes with us. This Lockhart ride highlights some beautiful scenery from your mount, with panoramic views of the Blackland Prairie Valley and Native Texas Wetlands.

Riders who are cautious to jump into the full Ranch Ride will appreciate this more leisurely experience, which offers undulating trails over gorgeous rolling hills in Lockhart, just 15 miles outside of Austin city limits. Families, nervous riders, or large groups under time constraints are the perfect fit for this trail ride.

Mixed groups are welcome to inquire regarding mixed … Continue Reading

Horseback Riding Lessons for Adults and Youth 12+


What you’ll learn

By the end of the year, most students will be comfortable:

*Walking and trotting bareback;

*Sitting and posting the trot;

*Cantering over uneven terrain, cantering in open areas, cantering in a way that is polite to the horse;

*Encountering a variety of water crossings, including opportunities to swim with the horses;

*Evaluating tack fit to horse and rider and understanding how important that is for the healthy working life of the horse;

*Handling common horse behavioral problems;

*Assessing lameness and basic horse health how-to’s

*Working with young horses and our mixed herd (goats, lambs, cattle… llama and camel coming!!)

You’ll get in GREAT shape, learn about principles of ecological restoration through mixed herd management and why that’s so important for horses, reduce anxiety and depression and get out of the matrix a … Continue Reading

Horsemanship Lessons for Children


Beginners and Novice children’s weekly rides offered for $440 for 8 sessions. Learn to handle your horse with confidence and patience. Ages 6-9 require the parent to be a complete participant at all times. Suitable for ages 6-13. Mounted time increases as we go. Begins around 30 minutes mounted and increases to nearly an hour. Next series of classes begins in January. Packages are purchased four consecutive lessons at a time.


Clases en Español para niños que viven en Lockhart, Dale, Luling. Clases comienzan el 6 de enero. Duran dos horas. Enseñamos caballería, como montar Y cuidar al caballo. Cuesta $15 cada sesión. Ofrecemos meriendas y recogemos los niños directamente de Plum Creek Elementary si prefieras. Favor de mandar TEXT a 512-230-8413 y podemos organizar una llamada.


Children’s introduction … Continue Reading

Together We Venture Forth

After its foundation in 2012, Austin Lessons and Tutoring, LLC (DBA Maverick Horseback Riding) set out on a big journey: share powerful, natural spaces with children in the Texas foster care program as well as individuals who have placed out of the system, and their families. No, we most certainly are not your average trail riding company.

For years our mentors, advisors and Maverick visionaries have been quietly working toward an almost impossibly large dream. Building up a sustainable working ranch from scratch is a feat in and of itself. Guiding it toward a non-profit mission is even bigger.

Over 13 years ago, owner Jo Marie MacCoy was struck by a vision so strong and so clear she knew she would find it: a ranch with rolling hills, water features on property and proximity to a large city (naturally more … Continue Reading

Art is Everywhere Fundraiser Event

Artwork that’s been available for viewing at Mavericks will now be available for acquisition in Blanco at Gillen’s on the 24th at 6pm. For artwork, 10% of sales will benefit Alzheimer’s Texas. A generous 100% of net proceeds from BBQ plate sales and all revenue from our silent auction items will benefit the cause.


John Isaiah Pepion is an artist who hails from the Blackfeet Nation in northern Montana. The art journey has been ceremonial for John as his understanding of his past, family, and culture grows with his work. He descends from Mountain Chief, a Blackfeet leader who preserved history through numerous winter counts. Through art, John finds personal healing and cultural preservation. He speaks with troubled youth in public schools to promote the benefits of art as therapy. John holds formal degrees in Art Marketing and Museum Studies Continue Reading

Free Trail Ride This Weekend!

If you’ve wanted to get in the saddle, but you haven’t had the chance or the funds, now is the time to pay attention! We will be hosting a series of free giveaways for the next TEN DAYS if you’ll follow us along on Instagram. We are kickstarting this giveaway series, with a CONTEST ALERT on Instagram to spread the word of an amazing event.  We are giving away a free Ranch Trail in #lockhart this weekend or next to the lucky winner! 

The Details on the EVENT which is FREE and raising funds for Alzheimer’s Texas: 

Maverick horseback riding is pleased to be hosting a fundraiser event for “Art is Everywhere,” being hosted at Gillen’s Candies + Wine in Blanco, Texas on the 24th.  Some of the artwork you have been able to enjoy out at the ranch will … Continue Reading