Things to do in Austin: Zilker Park

2100 Barton Springs Rd, Austin, TX 78704

Yesterday, we wrote a post on The Nature and Science Center. Zilker park makes for a great add-on to your visit to the Nature and Science Center. These Austin hot spots are located next to each other, and you can park under the overpass next to the park to visit Zilker or the Nature and Science Center. Plan on hitting the park early when the day is cool, and keep an eye out for goodies you might take to the trading counter, such as interesting leaves, feathers, stones or even bones and shells.

Zilker is a gorgeous, sprawling 350 acre recreational space that’s a favorite amongst Austinites. Located in south Austin near Barton Creek and the Colorado River, this publicly-owned park was donated by Andrew Jackson Zilker in the early 1900s. There … Continue Reading

Things to Do in Austin: The Nature and Science Center

2389 Stratford Dr, Austin, TX 78746

(512) 974-3888

If you’ve come to town to get the full Texas experience, and you’re hoping to add to your itinerary, we know just the place for you. The Nature and Science Center is located smack downtown off of Barton Springs Rd and makes for a great add on to your Texas trip.

Children and adults alike will love all there is to do at the Nature and Science Center. Start off by planning your visit to coincide with the trading hours, in which children can bring a variety of nature findings to trade in for points. Rocks, shells, fossils, bug and bones can all be traded in at the counter for points, which children can use to “purchase” goodies such as jewelry made of like items, wall hangings, polished stones and interesting bones.… Continue Reading

Children’s Introduction to Horsemanship

This is an ideal option for families who would like to come out and see the horses, take photos and enjoy some grooming time and a short mounted time. Participants who come regularly will love the extended riding options and opportunity to get to know all of our horses and gear!

Come meet the horses, learn how to walk safely around them and enjoy a short pony ride.  Take photos, visit with the kittens and dogs, baby cow and lambs.  Baby horses?  You bet!  Enjoy your excursion to our ranch.

If you are interested in coming regularly your child’s ride time will increase up to the full length of the trail ride, as you and your child become comfortable with the horses, instructors and style of our rides.


The Horsemanship Experience or The Ranch Trail Ride

Looking to book a trail ride? Click HERE. Our trail rides are a relaxing way to get outside, enjoy some gorgeous terrain and well cared for horses.

We specialize in providing small group custom-tailored horsemanship experiences and trail rides to the general public for one-time rides as well as to regular riders hoping to take weekly riding lessons with us.  You may hear trail companies boasting that they are not “nost-to-tail” only to experience being “wrangled” up and down a beach or along a path.  If you’re looking for a rich horseback riding experience, read more about our horsemanship experience. You’ll be on a real, responsive horse that’s going to change it’s response to you based on the position of your hand, foot, sits bones, head and back positions.  Not sure if this is a good activity for you? … Continue Reading

Paint mare, Coca for sale

We have 23 horses for sale.  Coca is one of our core horses and we have had her for 6 year.  We purchased her from Jerald Sams, an APD mounted patrol officer who’s son lost interest in riding.  Coca can be papered APHA, but we have not gone through the process to do so and so she is priced accordingly at $4500.  Coca is approved for walk, trot and canter for beginners and has been on thousands and thousands of rides.  She reins English and Western.  Coca was used in a children’s hunter program for three years when we were operating out of the Round Rock/Hutto location.  Throw a rope off her, open a gate, pony a horse, pull a log, ride on the road or at nighttime with this over paint mare, approximately 14’2 hands and 13 years old.… Continue Reading

Grit and Gratitude

Grit and Gratitude

Austin Woman Magazine features owner Jo Marie MacCoy as part of fit and healthy lifestyle series

Author Gretchen M. Sanders came to join the Mavericks for an evening hack, and the sky rewarded us with a miraculous sunset.  We had a blast, and hope Gretchen did, too.  She rode Rowdy, our beautiful appaloosa gelding who ported Gene around the ranch when he came to visit us for a feature in Texas State Highways Magazine.  Rowdy is currently at the Northwest Austin location as part of a children’s lesson program.  He’s enjoying some hunter fun and easy-paced trail rides.  He will revisit Lockhart in February.

“I was thrilled when Austin Woman Magazine contacted me.  Over the past seven years of working with horses full time (and some other animals here and there), I’ve been through a lot of Continue Reading

Our new BYOBBQ experience is delicious AND fun!

If you’re entertaining guests or visiting us here in Texas, there are probably two things at the very top of your “To Do” list.  Horseback riding and barbecue, right?  Luckily our Lockhart location puts you right in the heart of BBQ country.  With world renowned barbecue options, Lockhart, TX is a stable of the state’s prime eateries.  It’s also home to one of our beautiful ranches where you can enjoy an incredible horseback riding experience… and more.

Starting on December 14th, 2018 we are offering half day excursions.  While guests are welcome to come ride and dash, we are happy to invite them to join us for a delicious BBQ plate on the house.  Diners are welcome to enjoy some of the magnificent views the Lockhart location has to offer.  Enjoy the back porch of the ranch house over looking … Continue Reading

Desensitizing your horse

Horse Training 101: Desensitization

A post by Makayla Peoples

Makayla leads lesson programs for Mavericks at the Northwest Austin location.  She has been involved with Maverick Horseback Riding since the beginning, the she first came out for a riding lesson so many years ago.
Makayla spent three years training in Dressage while supporting Maverick’s in the Round Rock and Lockhart locations.  Interested in how you could learn, work and ride?  Contact us for more information!

Desensitization is crucial to the training of every horse. Whether you are working with kid horses or sport horses it is important to introduce them to different kinds of objects and situations. This builds the horses confidence in itself, and builds their confidence in the relationship that you have together. Basic desensitization starts with making sure that the horse is comfortable being touched by YOU Continue Reading

The leaves they are a’changing

Howdy Folks,

It’s that time of year when big changes are brewing in Texas.  For starters, the weather in Central Texas is currently giving every farmer a run for his or her money.  It’s incredible how different city and country mice live, for sure.  Rest assured, the country mice see snowfall (yep, that’s right, I said snowfall) before the middle of November as a sign that all the talk of a really tough winter is getting closer and closer to the mark.  Keeping in mind that while we adore providing horseback riding opportunities to the public, our primary goal is creating sustainable ranching tactics for our mixed herd, which now adorably includes a donkey and lamb and sadly excludes our goat little Lydia, who was never recovered after much searching.  The lamb, Hey Ewe, isn’t too lonely now that she … Continue Reading

Letter from the Owner

June 9th, 2018

It’s a beautiful day outside and as I write this I’m looking out over the valley.  Sunflowers dot the hillside and the summer heat hasn’t reached sweltering yet.  I’m always amazed at the feeling this place gives me, and I’m not the only one who feels it.  If you’ve been out to ride with us before, you know all about that energy.  Where else do horses, dogs, cats, goats, lambs and ponies roam together?  It’s harmony.  As we continue to grow and diversify, we are challenged and excited by new opportunities with different animals, people and even places to visit with our trusty horses.

This summer marks a big change.  We’ve reduced our own horses by six but with the acquisition of some boarded horses, two new ponies and three babies (plus one on the way!) it’s … Continue Reading