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We don’t need roads and we might not even need trails. We’ve updated our availability page and it reflects a turn back to what made us one of Texas’ most popular riding destinations: Focus on form. Years ago in 2012 when Mavericks was in its earliest stages of development, the question “What does the community want and need” kept arising.

Now, more than ever, it seems apparent to me (and I hope it is more apparent to everyone) that our NEED to have real, healthy spaces and our need to eat real, healthy food is at the forefront of conversation. Finally! I want to point out again (and again and again) that you can’t have either of these without healthy dirt and water.

At Mavericks, we share our hope that the future is filled with LESS roads, more trails and more natural spaces. Perhaps collectively we as a people can turn away from mass consumerism of cheap foreign products, and instead focus our support and quality, local food and consumption to experiences that don’t deplete resources.

While I’ve failed to kick blogging into full gear, I want to touch on an important point: A healthy gut and a healthy spine lead to a happy and healthy existence. Riding horses is fun. Supporting horsemanship and healthy ranching practices is just plain GOOD.

The whole nation is waking up to the concept that a dependence on cheap foreign goods and food is not helping anyone in the long run. It’s essential that we get production back to US soil, but not if we are going to wreck the soil doing so! Acquisition of goods made and grown abroad has enabled the majority of our nation to enjoy mass production without detriment to our own soil and without slave labor of our own citizens. Transitioning production back to the US means we had better be prepared to pay more for a dozen eggs, a pair of jeans or a handmade wooden craft. Let’s also make sure that in this transition we don’t sacrifice the future of our great grandchildren by endorsing unsustainable practices.

Mavericks has always been tremendously appreciative of the support of local Texan guest riders and visitors alike. We want you to know that our commitment to sharing access to land with you still honors sustainable ranching and ecotourism. The Blackland Prairie Valley we so much enjoy at our Lockhart location, with its majestic views of meandering woods and multiple waterways is worth protecting. ALL of the proceeds we make go toward improving the land and the experience of the animals. We are still walking, step by step, toward the end goal of converting the ranch into a respite center for foster children in Texas and beyond.

We are cautiously opening on Friday. Please call with any questions, and rest assured we are taking the health of our guests and assistants seriously.


Jo Marie

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