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We serve the Greater Austin Metropolitan Area in a variety of locations. Please visit us on the Ride Schedules and Prices page for information about the different locations. When you book, you'll receive directions and an address. If you have any questions, please let us know! Rides in Austin and Lockhart 7 days a week.

"There is no such thing as a safe horse." --Joan Marie (Owner)

THE SHORT: We offer trail rides ($125 per person) and Horsemanship Sessions ($175 per person for group, price varies for private).

THE LONG: Our Ranch Trail Ride (CLICK HERE) is structured like a standard modern day trail ride, a little more on the instructional side.     You'll enjoy a brief main and tail grooming to meet your horse and say a little "thanks for letting me ride you!"  The Horsemanship Experience is more like a trail ride used to be 50 years ago.  Riders need to be responsive to correction on their posture and hand/arm positions.  It's not just for their safety, it's also for the horse's heath. You'll have two riding sessions totaling about 2 hours of mounted time, plus a full run-down on grooming and tacking (putting on the gear, evaluating it's fit and learning what to look for to establish safety protocol when you ride other place around the world).

Trail rides and dude ranches looked a lot different 50 years ago from now.  But so did life!  Horses were responsive and the population as a whole was more comfortable and exposed to horses.  People were more athletic and easier to coach and teach because they were comfortable in nature and accustomed to doing more physical activities.  That doesn't mean that someone who is a "computer person" or "indoor person" can't learn how to ride or really enjoy it.  The modern day trail ride, on unresponsive horses that are taught to ignore the rider no matter what the rider does, are the norm.  If that's your expectation you'll be surprised when we start currying the horses and addressing shoulder and arm tension and breathing (which yes of course affect the horse and how he or she responds to you).

Our Ranch Ride is ideal for folks who've been on plenty of trail rides before, used to ride a lot growing up and don't want a lesson out of the experience, want to "just ride," "just relax," or "just have fun."

The Horsemanship Experience is meant for people who are enthusiastic about learning, want to pick up the pace, and enjoy an educational approach in which they can improve their current skills (regardless of what those skills are).

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Visit our Prices and Schedules Page.  You'll find valuable information to help you determine if our approach to trail riding resonates with you.  Thanks!

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Please click to download the Liability Waiver and Assumption of Risk 2017  signed for each participant. If you are unable to print the waiver, please read it before you come so that you know what you are signing. If you are unable to open the document, please plan on coming early. Thanks!

Extra Water and drinks

It never hurts to bring a change of clothes. See below!

God Bless Texas. Luckily, we are able to ride all year round. In the event that weather makes conditions unsafe, we will cancel at no cost to the rider. If it drizzles, we ride. If it's hot, we ride. If it's cold, we ride. Ride on!

It depends.  On a lot of factors!  Our weight limit ranges from 200-248lbs, depending on conditions of the trails, work use of the horse, rider height to weight ratio, rider experience level, rider activity level, etc. For example, we have no problem accommodating a 6ft tall rider with extensive experience and a fit physique who weighs 210lbs, but it may not be possible for us to take a 5ft tall rider with no experience who weighs 200 lbs.  PLEASE Contact Us for more information if you have any concerns about your weight.  


5'0" 185lbs PLEASE CALL 512-213-5776

6'1" 195lbs NO PROBLEM

68 years old 6'1" 220lbs PLEASE CALL 512-213-5776

35 years old, active rider, 220lbs NO PROBLEM

Absolutely. You can select a ranch trail or a horsemanship trail, it just depends on what you are looking for.  Want to read a bit more about horseback riding tips for beginners?  Click to read about horsemanship 101 so you'll be ready for your ride!

Horseback Riding Instruction for Beginners 

Horse Riding Tips

Trail Riding Tips

Tips on Overcoming Your Fear of Horseback Riding

For the average group, booking one to two weeks in advance is ideal.  For larger groups or special requests, more time may be required.  That being said, you are welcome to TEXT us for day-of requests for group trails or private Horsemanship Experiences.

We can work with groups of any size.  Because we have several ranches that we are able to utilize in Lockhart, Austin, Killeen, Bastrop and Houston, we can cater your experience to your needs.  Read: Corporate events, weddings, photo shoots, film and TV, family reunions, birthday parties.  We've hosted a wide variety of experiences over the past five years.  See General Services for examples of tailored ventures we have helped create and mold.

We recommend that horseback riders come outfitted with long pants, boots with a half inch heal or less, a hat that will not blow off (or better yet-a helmet), sunscreen and/or a long-sleeved shirt.

For large special events or large groups, we can offer a variety of options.  Our horses make for a spectacular backdrop to your special event or large group.  We have a variety of alternative activities that can entertain and educate guests so that we are able to rotate riding groups.  Activities with our preferred vendors:

  • Food and Catering Service
  • Yoga and Horseback Riding
  • Photography
  • Roping Lessons
  • Mechanical Bull Riding
  • Photos with a Longhorn
  • Petting Zoo
  • Skeet Shooting and Archery;
  • Paddle Boats and Fishing;
  • Nature Walks;
  • Ranch Maintenance
  • Unicorn Appearances and more!

We have a limited number of trails and lessons we permit a day, to keep our horse's healthy.  If you need to cancel with less than 1 week's notice, we will reserve the right to charge in full.  As a courtesy, we offer riders the opportunity to reschedule for a 25% rebooking fee.

Our endgame is to use the business to provide experiences for foster children in the Texas state and private foster care programs.  Owner, MacCoy, and Maverick consultants and visionaries are actively working toward cultivating a space that provides respite care for foster children as well as adults (particularly young mothers) who have placed out of the system.  We want to share the rich abundance of nature of our ranches with the community, local and beyond.  Would you like to learn more?  Read the ABOUT US page.

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