Looking for regular riding lessons? We are currently building our program and have packages available after the first session booked through the website. Whether you are an adult looking to learn, or scouting out programs for your child, we will be thrilled to offer you a space on the Maverick Team. Over the course of riding with us for a year, students will:

How to Join Our Regular Riding Program

Adults and Riders Age 12+

Start by booking a Horsemanship Trail with us to see what the lessons are like and meet other students in the program. After your first session, you’ll have the chance to book a package. The specifics of the package vary from person to person, so couples, families, and individuals can get a customized experience. The longer you stick with the program, the more aggressive the price cuts become. We have two fourth year students who pay about $25 a ride, including jumping lessons, town and country tours, river rides and day leases. Several third year students pay between $40 and $60 depending on the frequency of their riding. Some of our newer students are paying $1250 a quarter. We will work with you to accommodate your needs in a way that is sustainable to us. The student program is *diverse* and social. It’s a truly inspiring culture of unique people.

Children Ages 2-12

Check out our Children’s Intro to Horsemanship Classes. You may drop in at your leisure by booking online. The fees amount to approximately $65. There is no commitment, and we will work with you at your desired pace. This class is structured so that a parent, legal guardian or other able-bodied adult is learning side-by-side the youth rider. Adults must be present at all times.

Children will learn all the fundamentals of horsemanship. Mounted sessions start low and slow, with just a few minutes on the horse. Riders who come consistently will enjoy longer mounted sessions as they continue attending classes, up to the full length of our Ranch Trail. It’s incredibly lucrative for committed families!

Packages with discounted rates are custom. Package rates/ride vary according to frequency of sessions and length of commitment. Individual ride rates will vary from $35-$48. To get started, sign up for a Children’s Intro online.

Older children may join the Regular Riders program if they are able to follow multi-step directions, sit the trot for 20 feet, execute a proper “drop and grab” (holding the reins in one hand and the horn with the other) and pull and tack their own horse.

Private Lessons

We have private lessons available in Lockhart, Austin, Bastrop, Blanco, Canyon Lake, Spicewood and Gonzales. At this time, we are unable to meet the demand of weekly private rides, but please stay tuned for updates. Riders enrolled in our year of riding program receive priority space for private horseback riding lessons.

Horsemanship Lessons are NOT about riding around in endless circles. We love our round pen and grass arena on the bluff top overlooking the valley, but we love even more the incredible spaces we can provide for students to learn how to handle the diversity of Texas trails and gorgeous terrain. Scroll down for more photos the Maverick dude ranch!

Learn to ride bareback. It’s a great way to get a good workout, and really understand the biomechanics of horse and rider movement.

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