Horses For Sale

Horses for Sale

A note for beginner riders looking to purchase a horse… Click.

Our horses are all sold UTD.  They are on a regular schedule with the farrier, dental specialist and chiropractor.  Horses are vaccinated yearly for carrying contagions.  They are wormed according to the health of the herd.  As a fully operational horse herd, they have a good life– living as horses are meant to live.  They are cared for by us, but living out on the hundred acre wood means that at any given time, there are at least a few horses with cosmetic scratches on them.  We believe that horses do not belong in stalls.  We rehome to boarders at facilities with stall boarding as long as there is pasture turnout and regular exercise.  The goal with any sale of our horses is first and foremost to promote the sustainability of our eco managed ranch, but also to serve the horse him or herself.  We want our horses to go onto homes where they will get more attention from an adoring few riders. Horses may not be rehomed to locations were they will be the only equine, ever.  If you are under contract with Maverick’s and you need a loaner horse, please inquire.

All horses are responsive, and handled regularly by children and beginners.  They are desensitized to flappy hands, round and sudden noises, and all things crinkly, honking, roaring, barking, chirping, fluttering and otherwise deadly to horses.  We do not represent our horses as bombproof, but as “Used by beginners/children” or “child/beginner proven.”  A horse isn’t “proven” until they’ve had some 50 different types riders on them.   Their price reflects registration, to some degree, but also to what degree they are proven.

All horses are suitable for riding doubles, bareback in the water with a halter, to pony a horse or two off of, open and close gates, accept the bit, canter with guest riders, drags. carcass, stretch all four legs in all directions, clear trails by breaking branches overhead, encounter steep elevation changes, walk up to a train or vehicle if prompted, stand ground tied and of course all of the basics like load, lead politely, stand for the farrier, etc.

Multi horse discounts available to buyers who keep our stock together with contract.  Ask about cattle, sheep and goats for sale. 


Big bay gelding for sale, pictured with rider in Bastrop
Cat is a gelding for sale in Central Texas

20 year old big boned bay horse not broke till he was 14, so he hasn’t been ridden to death.  Currently in use for beginners on trail under close supervision.  Requires regular handling to be used successfully by beginners.  Suitable for intermediate rider or a trainer.  He headlines really well $1500

Haughty: Available

Stout 10 yr old APHA registered mare.  Forward movement with suitable head carriage for Western Pleasure or English show depending on how you bit her up.  Haughty is an excellent ranch horse who is comfortable to lead rides on, ride doubles, road ride, parades, night riding, $6,800  Click for more photos

9 year old registered paint mare for sale

RUSH: Available

Broke to ride and pulls a cart.  Flashy Black and white paint gelding, miniature horse sold grade.  Seven years old.  Leave him in the pasture for a month and jump on his back, he’s the same horse.  $1500

Two youth riders grooming Rush, our broke to ride mini gelding who pulls carts and leadlines for pony rides
Rush, grade miniature gelding is broke to ride, will lead line and pull a cart

CREMELLO: Available

$7500 Stout APHA registered mare for sale, 8 years old, who is more whoa than go with beginners.  She is happy to pick up the pace with more experienced riders.  You won’t have to keep giving her leg to get her to pick up the pace.  Price negotiable if sold with contract to keep her with Haughty.  No first right of refusal contract required.

Cremello and beginner rider getting ready to go out to the trails after practicing some steering in the barnyard first


Registered Paso Fino gelding for sale, 16 years old. Stout for a Paso.  Currently an excellent mount for confident novice riders to follow along.  A little too forward for first time riders, he is currently a great trail horse for following along. Talero would make a great husband horse to accompany Brisa.  $3000

Tolero is a Registered Paso Fino Dapple for sale $2500 Austin TX


Registered Paso fino gelding for sale, 4 years old.  Started under saddle 60 days about a year ago.  We have just been maintaining him with ground work until he is older for consistent saddle breaking.  Price negotiable if he does with Brisa and Talero. $1700

registered Paso fino, brown, posing for a profile shot
Lego, pictured at one of our Austin ranches, is a Paso Fino Gelding for sale

RUSTY: Available

Incredibly athletic Paso/ Criollo grade gelding for sale.  Rusty is 5 years old.  He does all the basics (stands tied, loads, etc.) and is broke to ride walk, trot, canter.  He need more miles but is a great trail horse who may be gaited.  About 14’3. Rusty has tremendous potential.  $2000

NONAME: Available

Registered AQHA mare with working ranch blood line.  Bred several times, high-selling foals.  Rides WTC for intermediate.  Walk, trot approved for beginners and children.  Incredible handle.  Nice stop, back, transitions.  Beautiful head and sharp ears.  Quite mare but not pokey.  Easy going broodmare, permissive.  Two foals have been imprinted.  $6200

Colts and Fillies

We have a 2016 bay roan filly (papered) and four yearlings for sale.  They have all been handled regularly.  They have good to excellent conformation and several have been imprinted, others not.  Colorful.

youth equestrian handles 2018 APHA foal for sale at dude ranch in Austin Texas
Shadow is Coca’s 2018 colt.

Horse trainer Jo Marie with 2018 foal and 2017 yearling

Moonshine: SOLD

couple posing with one of our quarter horses, Moonshine.  Woman in blue floral dress smiling on the bluff top of our Texas dude ranch while her partner grins and prepares to mount up bareback.  White Akbash dog, Cecelia, stands by waiting for something fun to do in Austin
Blue Roan Quarter Horse Mare for Sale in Austin TX

Blue Roan QH.  Used both English and Western.  Beginner friendly.  Pretty.  Novice youth friendly.  Never seen buck, bolt, rear, but she does make ugly faces at the other horses.  Easy to operate gates, pony with, ride bareback or doubles.  Sold to us as a kids horse one year ago and has been used regularly since then.  Would make an outstanding ranch or family horse.  She’s trying to form a herd of her own out here which is creating a split in the group.  Need to downsize.  $4500

Smurf: SOLD

Smurf is a return visitor with us.  We’d like you to understand his sensitivities as well as his history.  Smurf is a cute, flashy paint gelding who really wants to please.  He’s a sweet natured fellow who requires a handler sensitive to his sensitivities.  We mount surf from both side, bareback from the ground or from a block.  But we also understand that he gets a little nervous when mounting.  It’s something that requires attention.  Smurf is currently being ridden by confident, athletic low-intermediate riders.  We are in the process of working him toward use with more timid riders and confident teens.  SMURF WANTS TO CUDDLE.  Someone please come get Smurf.  He is so ready to make someone happy.


Smooth trotting and responsive paint horse for sale in Austin TX.  Used in lesson program for people looking for something fun to do.
Paint gelding for sale Austin TX

Click HERE for more information and photos of Smurf

Ellie: SOLD

Ellie, with intermediate youth rider pictured in Brushy Creek, Round Rock in 2015

20 year old Sorrel QH mare.  Has been with us for 5 years.  Very pretty.  She has worked for us for 4 or 5 years.  Good home only.  Lots of get up and go, but follows along politely. $1200

Gigante: SOLD

17’1 hand bay TB gelding, never been raced.  WTC approved for beginners.  Swing up on his back and ride him in a halter.  Gigante is 12 years old.  $5000

Annie: Unavailable

Rider lying down on the job with APHA mare, Annie Up, who is currently serving Maverick Stables as a beautiful broodmare
Grade paint mare for sale

Grade paint mare about 11 years old, 15’3.  Two blue eyes, lots of chrome.  Annie has been in Animal Planet, several music videos, photo shoots and is one of our original horses. $6500


Medium sized pony with hunter jumper potential.  Nice tuck on his jumps, has good natural hunter movement.  Flaxen mane with chrome, 4 white stockings and feathers.  Trick training approved.  Athletic.  Broke to ride bitless with a halter so you can finish him off how you like.  Sensitive.  Requires experienced handler or rider with a trainer. Has been hauled to a parade and a huge trail ride and he did great!  Was used to lead-in children during the noisy, rambunctious trail ride as well as ride solo for short spurts with a confident 10 year old. $2500


$4500 Grade Morgan, quarter horse cross.  Nine years old.  About 15’3, stout.  EASY KEEPER who does NOT need grain.  Has been bred.  Has been used for confident beginners although we have not put her back into rotation as a beginner friendly mount since she was used to breed a year ago.  Currently suitable for confident low-intermediate riders only at the walk, trot.  Cantering for high-intermediate riders.  Requires experience handler or rider with a trainer.

horse trainer MacCoy rides black horse in front of large pond with equestrian riding student
Trainer MacCoy and horseback riding student with Morgan Quarter horse cross, Lady Black Hawk at the Ranch in Lockhart, Texas


Selling grade although she’s supposedly registered.  8 year old paint mare WTC friendly for intermediate riders.  Used in lesson program for confident beginners at the walking pace.  About 15 hands.  Flashy.  $3500

horseback riding student practices some yoga on registered paint mare during summer camp program at Round Rock horseback riding facility

Omya standing in front of the Buffalo at our Round Rock location


Stout Bay Appaloosa approximately 14’3 hands with snow blanket bottom.  12 years old.  ABSOLUTE DOLL BABY.  We trust him with our littles, but he will also give you plenty in the canter if you ask for it.  $3500 Click here for more photos and information on Rowdy.

Apache: Unavailable

Sandy appaloosa, may be POA.  Great conformation.  Can go all day.  Not a natural born leader but will pull horses and work a gate for an experienced rider.  Great for confident beginners under trainer’s supervision.  $4200

Beautiful Apache posing with a youth rider

Nieto: SOLD

OTTB with 20k in winnings.  9 years old.  WTC in open fields without him trying to take off with you.  15’3 hands. Easy going, does flex.  Needs work on transitions as to be expected with an OTTB.  Nieto has just started going into use for confident, relaxed novice riders on trail at the walk.  He took his first beginner (four rides in) who was very nervous, and did great.  Trot for confident low intermediate.  Canter for experienced riders.  $2500

Daisy: SOLD

Stout flaxen mane pony, 9 years old.  Forward.  Can be used leadline and ridden solo but only by a rider with some experience.  Great hunter movement.  No buck, rear or bite, just some go!  Cute jumper. $2200

Penelope: SOLD

Penelope, for sale, pictured with paint mare near Austin TX on trail ride
Gaited mare for sale in Texas

19 year old TWH.  Needs a little work staying in her gates but very fun to ride.  Black with three white stockings.  Not one mean bone in her body, but she is a peppy gal.  Ridden regularly by beginners but only if they are under supervision of experienced handler.  Penelope loves cruising second in line and will also politely lead. $2800


Registered 17 year old Paso Fino mare for sale has been used in show and as a broodmare.  14’1 hands.  Brisa needs a diet and regular work.  She’s only begun regular work with us for about 30 days of riding, although she is a fully finished show horse from her previous owner.  A finished Paso Fino, Brisa should make an excellent lead horse for a confident rider, and Lego and Talero as nice follow-along horses.  She’s spirited like gaited horses are, but no buck or rear.  Price on all three negotiable if they go together. $1600

Registered Paso Fino mare for sale

Gallego: SOLD

black pony of americas for sale in Austin Texas
Youth rider on Gallego

Gorgeous Black Pony of Americas for sale in Texas.  This pretty pony for sale is used for both English and western riding lessons.  He has a smooth, easy trot.  Our Pony of Americas for Sale would make for a nice hunter horse in a lesson program.  Square.  Easy to lead on and pony off of although while ponying Gallego he still tries to nibble on the lead horse (we are working on that.) Will be spooky if you road ride him unless if you make it a regular practice.  Was used regularly to go to DT Lockhart as a guide horse.  Used on ranch for confident beginners under advanced guide supervision. Been used in Hunter lessons and over low jumps.  $3800


This beautiful 13-year-old paint mare horse is sold grade, but can be papered.  Used in children’s hunter program for several years.  $4500 Price is Firm

Black and white paint mare walks on horseback riding obstacle with youth play day rider, eaight years old, pictured in shorts and blue tank top
Coca takes this confident little summer camper over the balance beam at Parrie Haynes in Killeen, Texas

Click HERE for more pictures of Coca

ROCKY: Unavailable

$6000 Grade quarter horse gelding for sale.  Stout.  16 years old.  Excellent working ranch horse reins English, prefers Western.  Has been used in hunter jumper program for children.  WTC approved for beginners.  First right of refusal contract required.   Price is Firm.

Rocky models a bridle laced with sunflowers at our special events venue in Austin
We offer several venues to host your Special Event in Austin

GHOST: Unavailable

$6000 Grade appendix gelding for sale, flea bitten and flashy.  He’s a handsome horse who is WTC approved for beginners.  Likes to pick it up but won’t try to pull at the reins the whole ride.  Get movement for jumping.  Beginner friendly.  About 9 years old. About 15’2 hands.  First right of refusal contract required.  Price is Firm.

Adult amateur horseback riding student poses with her mount for the day at our San Marcos based stables
WTC for beginner safe gelding for sale

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