Trail Rides

Trail Rides

Current trail options for online booking

We specialize in catering to small groups of individuals of any skill level who are hungry to learn, experience riding a responsive horse, and enjoy some pretty fantastic Texas scenery. We are known for differentiating our instruction to rider skill level, beginner through experienced. While typically our groups have about 6 public riders, we can accommodate up to 14 riders in one group, and we can split groups for functions and events.


Sunrise/Sunset Rides

Enjoy a Scenic Sunset Tour with panoramic and bluff top views. This excursion is perfect for a more leisurely family trail or exciting hacking opportunities for the more experienced rider. $150-$350 pp, depending on the number of riders. Mounted time: 1.25 hrs. Total Approximately: 2 hours

Ranch Trail Rides

Ranch Trail Rides are offered throughout the season, currently without a set schedule. All of our availability is posted online in booking. These rides are more structured, geared toward people who are looking to keep to a walking pace, although there may be some light trotting. While this is a more structured and leisurely ride than our Horsemanship Trail Ride, it is still educational, like all of our rides. Some folks leave wishing they had booked the Horsemanship Trail. Others leave tired! Remember, you can always come again. This trail ride is a nice introduction to horseback riding $125 pp. Mounted time approximately: 1.25-1.5 hours. Total: 1.75-2.25 hrs.

Horsemanship Trail Rides

This ride is our original go-to for everyone from beginners to experienced riders. We cater the experience to the individual, so riders with more horsemanship training can enjoy more opportunities to open the horses up. Beginners should expect some trotting. $175-$350 pp group and private rides. Mounted time approximately: 1.5-2 hours. Total time: 2.5-3.5 hours.

Children's Intro to Horsemanship

Saturday and Sunday morning. Best for children 5-8, this ride is a suitable option for some children to get their feet wet interacting with horses. Mounted time increases with consistent riding.

Historical Downtown Lockhart with BBQ Rides

Ride through downtown Lockhart and stop to get lunch at one of Lockhart’s famous BBQ locations and explore downtown. Includes horsemanship elements. Gorgeous bluff top views, shady woods, open pastures and historical buildings when we ride through town! $275-$350 group and private rides. Mounted time: 1.75-2.25 hrs. Total time approximately: 4-5 hrs.

Custom Rides

Pick up the pace, special considerations, solo and group rides available. We LOVE to get up and go. We love to accommodate for custom experiences. Please call the mainline.

Georgetown Location

Georgetown Ranch Trail

Ride through all the trails that Garey Park has to offer. Nestled in the outskirts of Georgeown, Garey Park is the perfect place to get a taste of life on horseback.

Audit Class

Not sure if our program is for you? Check out our auditing classes at various locations that give you an opportunity to check out the facility and instructors ahead of time before committing. Audit classes are only $19.95

Pasture Trail

This option is for riders that are interested in taking things at a more leisurely pace. Great for families with younger kids or families that are not interested in picking up the pace a whole lot. Similar to our bluff top trail at the Lockhart location

Austin Location

River Ride

Take a dip in the water and try swimming on horseback! This has been a crowd favorite throughout the years.

City Ride

See the beauty of the city from horseback.

Full day Adventure Hack

Come out and join us for a full day of horse excursions

River rides and Water experiences

Canyon Lake Ride

Check out a beautiful river ride with unbeatable views!

Staples river experience

Splash in the river and get some great photos with our equine friends. This experience is all about kicking back and having fun in the sun with our horses!

Somerville Lake Ride

Check out this beautiful resevior in the Brazos river and have the time of your life!

Discounts, Lesson Packages and Promos

Check Instagram for promos designated for teachers, locals and more. We offer free rides, rides for donations, and various discounts.

Lesson packages for mature children and adults are by invitation only, and are either $3200 for the year or $1250 for the quarter.

You may purchase 4 Children’s Intro Classes for 20% off plus save online booking fees after you have scheduled an initial visit online. Larger packages and family packages available. Book a ride online for your first session and discuss options on-site. As a friendly reminder, if you follow the prompts on our voicemail and we do not get back to you in time, it is because we were unable to accommodate you and did not have the man power to get back to all of the inquiries we received. Texting us is a great way to get ahold of us if your call is not answered. 

Current rebates are available as of December 2023, please inquire directly for details.