Looking for a place to board your horse? We’ve got you covered.

Boarding Options: $500-$850/month in Lockhart TX

We provide a unique opportunity in the Austin area (25-45 minutes) for boarders looking for a natural environment, stunning trails with water features, hills and huge panoramic views.  Short term boarding options are available in private paddock, pasture or stalls.  Long term boarding is in the pasture with our herd, where horses get to run around with each other and be horses.  Oh, the novelty!

Riding and Training

We custom tailor boarding and cater to individuals who are looking for amazing trail opportunities. We provide a natural environment for horses with outdoor stalls blocked by the northern and southern winds for emergency overnight boarding.  Other than that our horses remain together, as a herd, roaming the property and pastures, which are under constant management for ecological restoration and preservation of our beautiful Native Texas Wetlands, creek, pond and black land prairie on property.  While Mavericks is working on developing a 100X200 foot riding arena, currently we have a leveled grass field, a work in progress, as well as a round pen.  The highlight is the trails, with a large pond, a wetlands pond and creek which we can ride in.

Our boarders are welcome to come on trails with us. We provide assistance to riders still learning to manange their mount.  The benefit of boarding with us is our handling of your horses on trail with members, so your horse gets consistent exposure.  This is not an ideal boarding environment for riders who want to be the exclusive handler of their horse.

So why do people board with us?  It’s for the riding.  Our trails are incredible and the opportunity to ride out with groups so you’re not alone is enticing to folks looking for a low-key atmosphere.  In addition, we work your horse in our program such that the horse remains manageable for a wide range of riders.  Our horses are responsive, willing and well-exposed.  You may lease one of our horses and invite your guest to ride your horse when you have visitors.  You may also have visitors join our trail (by booking online) and then of course you can tag along.


We stress the importance of a high forage, low grain diet.  We use minimal grain to call the herd in.  Our hay is a rich coastal with 17% protein, we currently have this in the form of round bales with the herd.  We feed alfalfa and Timothy hay pellets watered down thoroughly as needed as well. Each horse may consume 1-4 cups of grain if we need to use grain during call in.  What we provide is a low sugar, high fiber grain, they get a mixture of Oats, 12% pellets, and 10% sweet feed. Our herd has access to free choice minerals and salt licks at their water sources as well as at the barn.


We have space for up to four new horses in February 2021   If you would like to speak with someone about our horse boarding facility, please connect with us on the contact page and we will be happy to put you on a wait list.


Standing Fee

We do not charge an extra fee to stand with the vet, chiropractor or farrier. While all boarders are directly responsible for routine medical care and payment of those services, we are happy to provide the call in, horse pull and standing as part of your board fee.

Dental Care

We require horses to have regular teeth floats. Horses that are not evaluated by a veterinarian for dental problems will develop sharp hooks in their teeth, making it difficult for them to fully chew their food. Horses with healthy teeth make the most of the nutrition that we provide.  There is no additional fee for us to stand with your horse if he or she is handled by our dentition expert on clinic day.


We require West Nile, Rabies and Tetanus vaccinations. You are welcome to fully vaccinate your horse.  There is no fee for us to stand with your horse if he or she is handled by our vet on clinic day.

We will stand with the farrier and vet, included in board. We have an on-call vet who makes house calls as well as a local veterinary office for backup when needed. Our on-call vet is friendly and happy to answer your questions in a courteous manner.

Deworming Program

We do not worm every month. We do not support constant worming of horses. A low worm count is NORMAL and healthy. Our horses are checked for worms every three months by the veterinarian. Horses that need to be wormed will be treated. This is the safest approach to maintaining a healthy herd. Destroying the natural flora in the gut by consistently worming horses is not. While this approach is more time intensive and costly on our end, it reduces the risk of health problems. Worm analysis and de-wormer medication is included in the cost of board.  We do not charge extra for worming on our schedule (which in practice occurs approximately quarterly).

Injuries and Emergencies

All horse injuries except for minor surface wounds are reported to the boarder immediately.  We are happy to help treat basic horse wounds, such as eye infections, pulled, open wounds, etc. in the event that you are unable to come to the facility and handle it directly.  Fee for service varies.  Boarders are always welcome to call a vet, and we have care takers on site 24 hours a day to supervise vet visits.  Mavericks provides hydrotherapy, therapeutic riding and stretching, ride alongs (where we will provide your horse with rider-free exercise and exposure) and more.

Location and Referrals

Our horse boarding is convenient to San Marcos, South Austin and Kyle. If you are looking for boarding options in North Austin, Round Rock or Hutto, we have excellent Horse Boarding Facilities in the Austin area to recommend. Whether you are looking for stall boarding or pasture board, there are some great folks out there who we can put you in touch with. These are people with stellar reputations for providing quality care for equines. From small and personable barns to large training and lesson facilities, we can set you up. We never charge a fee for recommendations to local stables. We put you in touch with those who care.

We understand in a very personal way how difficult it can be to find quality horse boarding. We can deeply relate to folks who fear that their horses won’t get water or regular forage. One of the most influential indicators of a facility’s success with boarding is their help. If facilities hire employees with a dubious record, your horses can end up getting “borrowed” without your knowledge, miss the radar for health and wellness checks, or pass long days without adequate water, access to hay or grass. It can be truly uncomfortable not always having your own eyes on your horse and we understand that. We are happy to help you find a boarding stable that will take care of your horses in the most professional way possible. Contact us for more information!

Beautiful sunset at Austin boarding stables with Tractor standing silhouetted by the Texas Hill Country skyline. Proper pasture rotation and maintenance is essential for providing adequate forage in a pasture boarding situation. Some facilities in Austin have excellent pasture boarding options, while others will throw your horse in a field with weeds and not much else. Ask about soil tests, nutritional analysis of hay and practices to keep you horse safely boarded.

Proper pasture maintenance is key. Riding and boarding stables that have pastures filled with grass provide your horse with the nourishment he or she needs to live a long and happy life. The alternative, dusty pastures filled with weeds, is an obvious threat to your horse’s health. We’ve seen all ranges of the spectrum: Immaculate pastures with grass and hay provided 24/7 and the unfortunate effects of poorly maintained pastures that produce colic-causing weeds. Austin is a big metropolis and the reality is that the care is there. Large training barns and small home-based stables can both provide you safe and professional service. Looking for quality horse boarding options in or around Austin? Look no further!

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