Fall is HERE! Walk, trot, canter and field jumping rides are calling you, intermediate and experienced riders. Beginners: We’ve got you covered, too!

Come join us this fall as we get ready for adventure hacking, town and country tours and opportunities for mixed groups of riders to go at their own pace. Make sure you read some reviews– good and bad — to learn more about our unique approach to trail riding. This is not your average, modernized nose-to-tail trail. Our horses are not taught to ignore their riders. We have tours and experiences appropriate from beginner through experienced riders. “Boring” is not one of the ways our rides are described. 

Sorrel gelding seen field jumping at liberty

We are excited to get back at it now that the weather has cooled down. Come join us on the trail for an engaging lesson that you will never forget. While we do have rides suitable for beginners, we are also thrilled to have horseback riding excursions geared toward intermediate through advanced horsemen and horsewomen.

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