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The following post is contributed by one of our youth students:

The American Quarter horse is a very popular horse that is built for speed and work. The AQH (American Quarter Horse) started when English settlers traded horses with the Native American horses which were of Spanish origin, with the Spanish horses and English horses, they bred the AQH. Another fact is their name came from the Quarter mile races the owners ran, which they were very good at. A racing fame ended when they were replaced and sent west to work on ranches, which also held races but were not as known.

The AQH is the most popular breed in America because of many reasons. The first is that cattle farmers and ranchers like them because of their “cow sense” So it is preferred in the rodeo to farming. They are also popular because they have very good temperament. They are usually easy going and friendly! This breed is incredibly versatile. From barrel racing and roping to jumping and Dressage, they are top performers. As the cowgirl magazine states, a big reason is also the “compact body” of the AQH is well suited for the intricate and quick movements required in reining, cutting, working cow horse, barrel racing, calf roping and other Western riding events. As you can see. The AQH is very popular, cute and awesome horse breed!

This is a written assignment turned in by one of our students.
It is important to us that all our students have a well-rounded education and that everyone that walks away from one of our rides feels like they are walking away with a better understanding of horses and riding. We work hard to make every experience educational; it is far more fun to hit the trail when you have learned how to steer, stop and go first. This is one of the reasons we can offer an unmatched experience on happy and healthy horses. Some of our staff favorites in the barnyard happen to be Quarter Horses, and one of our Quarter horses has been showing great talent in the roping ring traveling to Roping clinics. It’s easy to see why this is such a popular breed with a loyal fan base. Want to learn more about Quarter horses and the history that makes this breed so special? Sign up for our horsemanship class and get the opportunity to learn about Quarter horses, their history and so much more!

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