It’s Officially Beach Time!!

It’s official! We have secured accommodations for this summer, with huge gratitude and thanks to Barking Dog Ranch. We are going to be coming and going a bit with the intention of building up a regular rider’s program for locals as well as serving tourists in the area.
Our next visit is going to be from Friday the 24th through Wednesday the 29th. If you are interested in booking a lesson and Trail with us, please reach out! You can call or text the business line, although we do recommend to text: 512-230-8413.
Anyone who has followed us for any period of time knows this is not your common nose to tail trail. The horses are forward and responsive, which enables us to do much more than pokey plot along trails. If you want to pick up the pace, no problem. We’ve got you covered! If you want to keep it to a walk, we can accommodate that as well.
If you are a local looking for regular lessons, please inquire as to the options. If you are looking for a drop and ride, it is $115 for an hour and a half session which includes tutorial plus approximately one hour mounted in the saddle. It’s beach time, baby!



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