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The Children’s Introduction to Horsemanship

Maverick Ranch Horseback Riding Lessons

As is the case with many of the experiences we offer, horseback riding lessons at Maverick Ranch are… well… not the same as horseback riding lessons other places.

What we don’t do: Barrels, Poles, Playdays (check back in January 2021)

Hunter showmanship (ask about our developing cross country course)

What Maverick Ranch offers: Lessons for children in horsemanship and animal stewardship. This inherently requires attention to land management. One of the reasons students in our program choose us is because they are enthusiastic to learn about land management, wildlife preservation and how those elements improve the existence of the horse, and his behavior. Riding style models the fundamentals of English equitation. We start reigning English, in western saddles. Eventually we move to English and bareback, working toward the ability to confidently clear low-level jumps on trail as well as enter a wide variety of water crossings. Western reigning and saddles are employed when we are using the horses as working ranch horses.

Who would sign up?

The children’s intro class is ideal for youth horseback riders, regardless of their experience, age 3-11. For families passing through who would like to come see our horses, take photos, learn and get some ride time, this is a fantastic way to spend your time with us.

Locals looking to sign up for a trial class should plan on sending a consistent adult, able-bodied chaperone (age 16+) to attend each class. Adults must be able to lift 30lbs, walk on uneven terrain and follow multi-step instructions. Chaperones must remain in arm length distance of children at all times during the first class.

What to expect:

During the first chaperone/youth session, guests will get some extra time to learn about and practice moving around the horse on the ground safely. Some youth riders need extra time to decide when they are ready to engage. For the health and wellness of the whole team, fur-friends included, we do not put children who are clearly uncomfortable on the horses. If you’re concerned that your child may miss out on ride time this first go-round, this may not be the experience for you. Please reach out to us directly via text at 512-230-8413 to request a call back and we will be happy to cover the details with you. Typically, if you trust our guide, we are successful at working with particularly nervous riders.

After 20-45 minutes of getting the horse ready for the ride, youth riders will mount up. (That’s horse talk for get on!) Riders will spend 10-20 minutes in the saddle on their first ride. The first session is normally right around an hour. From there, subsequent rides build up to more ride time. This becomes a lucrative option for consistent riders as eventually they participate in full length rides (an hour and a half and sometimes a tad more) at their package rate.

Package Options

After your first session with us, we can discuss package options based on student consistency. There is no commitment: Students may drop in whenever you wish. To secure a lower rate, students will need to make a minimum once a week commitment. We recommend starting with a package of 6 ($325) for children on the younger end of the spectrum, and three month sessions for older children who demonstrate interest in jumping in whole-heartedly during the ride prep portion of the experience ($575).

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Intro Class?

Currently we are holding intro classes at our Lockhart location. We have offered classes in Manor, North Austin and South Austin. Please inquire for more information. Like us on Facebook and Instagram, where we will post pop-up classes as well as any new openings. Make sure to follow us and check in once in awhile so our business page doesn’t get filtered from your feed! (Isn’t modernity AWESOME?!? (–> insert eyeball emoji <–)

How big are the groups?

This will vary tremendously. The Intro Class is designed to 1) give Texas travelers the chance to get some saddle time and meet the animals and 2) give the local community the opportunity to see if our horsemanship program is a good fit for their families. In order for us to sustain package rates, we ask our guests to maintain a flexible schedule on the day of their session.

What is your COVID policy?

Please read our 2020 page. Click HERE.

Do chaperones ride?

Chaperones do not typically ride, although from time to time we utilize them for demonstrations.

What do I need to bring?

Please check the General FAQs Page. Click HERE.

How to get started:

If you need assistance or have additional questions, please text 512-230-8413 and request a call back. If you are ready to get started, click on the Book Online link and register for your first Children’s Introduction to Horsemanship Class. Click HERE.

Whew! Is there anything we forgot? Just let us know 🙂

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Coca takes this confident little summer camper over the balance beam at Parrie Haynes in Killeen, Texas
Appaloosa Gelding posing with youth rider
Maverick Horseback Riding Contact Information 512-230-8413
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Shadow is Coca’s 2018 colt.
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Trainer MacCoy and horseback riding student with Morgan Quarter horse cross, Lady Black Hawk at the Ranch in Lockhart, Texas
Black and white APHA mare for sale in Texas posing with spotted long horn on Round Rock trail ride

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