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We do not list any of our locations publicly, as we are lucky to enjoy the use of private family ranches and rotating parks.  If you’d like to book the open rides in Austin, please call.  We want to make sure we set you up with the ride or experience you are looking for.  The Lockhart location is 20 minutes south of South East Austin, 45 minutes from Round Rock, 45 minutes from Northwest Austin, 50 minutes from Hutto.

Discounted Rates, click HERE.

Family Rates for Groups of 4 or more with multiple children under 12, click HERE.

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Our Lockhart location is 30 minutes from Austin, 45 minutes from Round Rock, 1 hour from San Antonio.  

Group Ranch Trail: $115 per person 

Recommended ages 8+ or enthusiastic riders ages 4+

About 1.5 hours in the saddle, about 2 hours total.  Leisurely, laid-back, beautiful, relaxing with moderate activity level.

Group Horsemanship Trail: $185 per person

Recommended ages 12+ or riders with lesson experience ages 6+

Approximately 3 hours total, an hour and 45 minutes in the saddle.  Enjoy Horsemanship 101 with grooming, tacking and a chance to get to know your horse and guide.  Heard about us on Do512 or Austin Top 50?  It’s THE Austin Thing to Do!  Need more information? Click HERE to read about the engaging, pick-up-the-pace Horsemanship Experience.  Moderate to high activity level.

Group Intro Trail: $85 per person

This abbreviated Ranch Ride is a total of about one hour and a half from start to finish, about 45 minutes in the saddle.  It’s ideal for groups that have young children who want a bit more of an opportunity to get their feet wet before committing to the full-length ride.  Enjoy a view of the Lockhart City Park and infamous courthouse, the bluff top over the valley, and some beautiful horses.

Children’s Group Introduction to Horsemanship: $35 per child

A HANDS-ON experience for a parent or legal guardian, or competent adult, non-riding participant.  Each child must have a participating adult.  Let 512-213-5776 to request a spot.

Click HERE for more information about the Children’s Intro to Horsemanship lessons.


We offer rides 7 days a week in ATX at various locations.  Locations will be specified East, South, North or West Austin under Book Online Now.  This summer, you can book 6 days a week for group rides in South Austin.  South Austin Texas Trail Rides (Near Slaughter lane and I-35) are $125 per person.  Enjoy meandering through woods and enjoy the shade on this leisurely cruise.  Water crossings make it super special!  

Please contact us if you have children under 12 as this may require a guide to pull or pony along your youth rider.

Please inquire directly for private rides with Walk, Trot, Canter opportunities.

Please click HERE for information on alternate Austin Locations.


Next Booking for Public Group is FRIDAY, August 2nd

Alternate dates available. Please TEXT 512-213-5776 for more information about day-long horseback riding vacation and multi-night equitrekking camping trips.

(9/01-9/05, 11/21-11/25, 1/22-1/25)


Click HERE for pictures of our rides in Bastrop, TX.

Next Bookings for Public or Private Group are Sunday, 7/14, Saturday, 7/20 and Saturday, 7/27.

Who ever said that Bastrop was flat?  This is crazy!  There are beautiful hill top locations in Bastrop.  Want to learn more?  Click the link above for pictures, give us a call about this Austin Top Spot or check with us please o Alternate dates available. Please TEXT 512-213-5776 for more information about day long and multi-night camping trips.

(8/20-8/30, 11/19-11/28, 12/12, 1/20)

More Information about our Locations

Check online for available private rides or please contact us directly for more information on private rides offered 7 days a week in Austin, Bastrop, Spicewood and Lockhart.  Call or TEXT 512-213-5776.  Want to get creative?  We offer activities for birthday parties, picnics, corporate experiences, special events, retreats and more.


Private horseback riding excursions 7 days a week in Austin, Texas!  Take a peek below for our next open public ride or call and ask about scheduling a private session for your friends and family, company outting, special event or bachelorette party!


Our most popular location by far, Lockhart boasts incredible panoramic views of the valley with bluff tops and over 200 feet of elevation changes.  Walk, trot, canter rides available to public one time or regular riders through the horsemanship experience.  Gorgeous trail rides for a relaxing day.  Come experience Texas, Austin style.
Book daily online.  Eat some of the best BBQ in Texas!  Paddle boats, kayaks, fishing, bonfires and more.  You may book online at the Lockhart location for Ranch Rides, which a more structured trail ride mostly walking with some trotting.  We DO have hills so you will need to be prepared for elevation changes or Horsemanship Rides (More instructional, suitable for beginners through experienced riders who want a more engaging experience).  Currently, our reviews on Yelp, Trip Advisor, Google Reviews and Facebook reflect folks who have participated in the Horsemanship Experience.  We are excited to offer traditional trail rides at a new rate starting June 15th.  Please check our schedule and read more below.


Have a special someone in your life or a group of friends who are fans of motocross?  Well this is the ride for you.  Enjoy a 400+ acre ranch with 1.5 miles of horseback riding on a professional motocross track as well as an additional 4 miles of trails through the woods and fields.

Group Horsemanship Experience, Dale

Call to book.  Four person minimum.  Start a group or inquire for openings.  Availability at noon on 7/22, 8/5, 9/17, 9/23, 10/01, 10/02, 11/9, 12/6, 12/13, 12/20, 12/27

The cost of the Austin-Based tour is $150 per person

Private Horsemanship Experience, Dale  

Call to book.  Four person minimum.  Start a group or inquire for openings.  Availability at noon on 7/22, 8/5, 9/17, 9/23, 10/01, 10/02, 11/9, 12/6, 12/13, 12/20, 12/27

4 People: $770 Join us for approximately 3 hours.  Mounted time is approximately one hour and fifteen minutes.
5 People: $880 Join us for approximately 3 hours.  Mounted time is approximately one hour and thirty minutes.
6 People: $920 Join us for approximately 3 hours.  Mounted time is approximately one hour and thirty minutes.
7 People: $1070 Join us for approximately 3.5 hours.  Mounted time is approximately one hour and thirty minutes.
8 or more People: Please Call to learn about Austin Things to Do.


Please TEXT 512-230-8413 for more information about day long and multi-night camping trips.  Texas vacations aren’t complete without a trip to the coast.


Click HERE for photos of Pundt Park.

Please TEXT 512-213-5776 for more information about day long and multi-night camping trips.  Check out our Things To Do page for more information on what you can do with your friends and family while you are visiting. 


Click HERE for photos of Parrie Haynes Equestrian Center

Check back with us for overnight camping trips once it is a bit cooler.  Because of the layout of Parrie Haynes, we reserve trips to this beautiful location to fall and even better, spring, when the Blue Bonnets are blooming.


Alternate dates available. Please TEXT 512-213-5776 for more information about horse trail riding day long and multi-night equine vacation camping trips.

(9/05, 9/27-9/29, 10/19, 12/18-12/21)

FAQ’s Page: Click HERE

Cancellation Policy: We reserve the right to charge in full for no-shows or cancellations as well as riders who misrepresent their weight by over 10lbs. Thanks for understanding this policy, which protects the health of the horses who make dreams come true. We care about equine health & we know you do, too!  Curious?  Check out our blog roll for more information on the importance of spinal and digestive care for the success of our program.  

Don’t want to ride because it’s muddy, it’s raining where you are or you think it might be raining at our ranch?  You are welcome to cancel your ride at anytime.  We understand rider preferences vary.  We have a 25% rebooking fee.


Trail ride around our 1.5 acre pond. Maybe even take the horses in for a swim if you dare!
Take a trip around the lake in Lockhart Texas. Lockhart is renowned for its BBQ. Our Texas dude ranch is located 30 minutes from downtown Austin, 45 minutes from Round Rock, and 1 hour north of San Antonio


Horseback riding birthday parties to the river and beyond! Trail riding into the water is a highlight of what we do.
Here we are in Brushy Creek of Round Rock, Texas. We love splash splashing around at the dude ranch. See this amazing unicorn? We offer unforgettable birthdays at our Round Rock/ Hutto location.


Birthday Parties

How about a pony painting session for your birthday boy or girl! Spend 45 minutes painting the fabulous canvas of Maverick, our large, white namesake who humbly stands by as children write birthday messages, make horsey hand prints, or turn him into a zebra or unicorn! As always, the experience caters to each group, but focuses on developing comfort, respect and awe of the horse during unmounted activities.  After the work is done, we’ll throw a saddle on this noble steed and children can spend another 45 minutes taking turns horseback riding, learning about posture, hand and foot position, and goal setting.

Our birthday sessions remain focused on educating participants on horse safety, horse care and the fundamentals of safe riding.  We do not offer “pony rides,” but rather a beautiful experience that engages the senses.  What we provide is more of a challenge, and requires children to focus, follow instruction and care for the horse.  It’s quite rewarding to little cowboys and cowgirls to know they are giving back to these wonderful animals who offer we humans so much!

Ride a painted pony!: $250 for up to 6 buckaroos

Have a large event and you’d like to explore venue options at our premier Texas Dude Ranches?

Check out our Special Events Page for more information.


Austin pony party extravaganza. Enjoy a unicorn, painting horses, pony rides and instructional interactions between your children and our knowledgeable and friendly guides. WARNING: silliness may ensue.
Many years ago, pictured here are owner and head Texas horse trainer, Jo Marie MacCoy, with Maverick. Our Man is a gentle giant. As a half-percheron, half-Arabian he is ALL class. Want to learn more about special events with this beautiful white horse? Call to find out! Austin Texas is THE place to be for things to do, fun to have, and goodies to eat.

Trail riding lessons can be so exciting for folks who want to get a taste for what real horseback riding is about.  We do not believe it’s about riding in circles in an arena three times a week for ten years, and we do not believe its about joy riding the snot out of unresponsive animals that only pick up the pace when they are headed back to the barn.  Our trail riding lessons-paradigm on trail gives us the opportunity to educate riders, and this means that we can differentiate our teaching to the individual.  THAT means that individuals who demonstrate good balance, good control and kind hands and seat are able to execute more advanced obstacles than others.  We often ride with mixed skill-level horseback riding groups on trail, and we are happy to work with more confident or more experienced equestrians to be able to pick up the pace, have a little extra fun and experience something a little more gratifying than a trail ride.

Visiting from out of town?  Ask us for recommendations on beautiful places to visit in San Marcos and South Austin.  At just 20 minutes away, we are the closest riding ranch to downtown Austin.

Horseback rider takes AQHA gelding into the water of our lake
Pictured here are Sparkling Texas waters on our Dude Ranch, just 20 minutes outside of San Marcos, Texas


So much Austin Texas fun taking a trail ride in the heat of horse country, most especially when our equestrians have a nice place to cool off
Come take a splash around our clear water lake on property at the San Marcos Dude Ranch


Located just 20 minutes from San Marcos, this shot capture the beauty of a Texas sunset at dusk.  Paint gelding, surf (for sale in Austin TX) is pictured on the right.  The brilliant sun is setting on the left.  Need more?  Check out that country wooden Kentucky Fence and take a deep breath.  This is Tesxas, y'all.
You’ll love the views on our Austin-Based, Texas Dude Ranch


Children and family rides are a great way to get out and explore the area.
This family reunion in Round Rock, TX was so much fun. Pictured front and center is a youth rider on Cocala (paint mare sold). Behind her is sorry and white paint mare, Annie Up. Annie is for sale although not currently available. Bringing up the back is the best Texas Trail Ride you can imagine: Family Fun in the waters of the glorious Brushy Creek. Want to learn more? Contact Us at Maverick Horseback Riding! 512-213-5776


Big bay draft cross takes trail riders into the water for an epic trail riding adventure in San Marcos Texas at our family dude ranch
Mariquita pictured splashing around Brushy creek at the trail ride in Round Rock, Texas.


Natural horsemanship trainer MacCoy poses with her students in the background, enjoying the river of McKinney Roughs in Bastrop state park on a horseback riding adventure
All smiles on a sunny day in the Colorado River on a horseback riding vacation at MCKINNEY ROUGHS in Bastrop Texas.  Want to come ride with us at this beautiful state park?  Contact Us for more information!


Here we are taking a drink of water in San Marcos on a summer day with a great group of friends
Horseback riding over the hills and through the woods, and to the water, of course, for a little sip to quench our furry friends’ thirst here at our Texas Dude Ranch.


Couple shown in the background over a field of Blue Bonnets at Parrie Haynes Riding Ranch in Killeen, mounted on walking horses while Equine photographer Joan Marie MacCoy takes a between the ears shot from the back of her trusted paint mare, Coca
Take a romantic vacation to PAIRRIE HAYNES in KILLEEN TX with your horses, or use some of ours! Want to learn more about our trail rides in Parrie Haynes? Look Below for a checkable link

Click here for more information on rides to north-Austin-convenient location: Parrie Haynes Equestrian Center.


Horse ranch pond is low from drought, but trainer Joan Marie MacCoy still enjoys a trip around the lake with Maverick and her dog Cecelia
Views from our “Texas Dude Ranch,” when the lake was low during drought. Still beautiful and nice for a good swim.


A colorful noodle wall of equestrian obstacles is presented to this fearless youth horseback rider.  This young lady is guiding our registrable APHA mare, Cocala, through a series of obstacles at Parries Haynes Equestrian Center just northwest of Austin, Texas.
Try out the play day obstacles like this colorful noodle wall. Look below for link to more information about our trips to Parrie Haynes Equestrian Ranch in Killeen Texas.


Texas dude ranch horseback Riders take the plunge into the lake on horseback, pictured here are Rocky our trust chestnut quarter horse and Annie, our paint mare who is currently bred
Pictured here is a coupe on the MOST incredible date night one can imagine, just shy of Austin, Texas. This is our Lockhart Dude Ranch, which has the most fantastically unforgettable panoramic views and panache of the full Texas experience. So, if you are looking to have some fun in the sun, or in the case of this couple perhaps you’ll brave the cold, come visit our stunning ranch and have a one-of-a-kind horseback riding vacation.


horses in the Texas dude ranch lake at our horse rental facility 20 miles from San Marcos
It is most definitely  time for a refreshing swim at our glorious Texas dude ranch. Pictured here are horseback riding vacationers with black and white paint mare, Cocala and registered Arabian cross, Cat, who is for sale. Check out the link below for more information about our horses for sale. They are currently available at our Lockhart location.

Thanks for reading our Texas Dude Ranch page!  If you have any comments, questions or collaborative ideas, please reach out.  By now, surely you know how to find us.  Yee yee!

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