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 What You Need to Know Before Booking 

We specialize in providing small, custom-tailored horsemanship experiences to the general public for one-time rides as well as to regular riders hoping to take weekly riding lessons with us.  Group and Private Sessions are appropriate for any beginner age 3+ who is capable of following safety protocol.  If you have a special consideration, please make sure you speak with us over the phone before booking.  Some factors that contribute to how we balance groups include total number of riders as well as:

There are so many examples we could give about how all of these factors come together, and you are welcome to check out our blog roll for more information!  In the meantime, if you have any questions about how your unique group or personal needs may be accommodated with our program, please reach out to us.

We never let cost impede a group or individual from riding.  If you have read our reviews and website and you are familiar with what we do but cannot afford the ride, please call us and speak with us directly.  There are always weeds that need to be pulled in our voyage to develop organic grazing land for our livestock.  Come get your hands dirty or ask about research and writing opportunities that we have as part of a work-reflect-write-and-ride approach.  Please keep in mind that last minute requests for such opportunities are difficult to fulfill.

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What´s the ride like?


Looking for a real horseback riding experience?  In a recent Expedia Travel Blog, Maverick Riding was listed as a “Top Thing to do in Lockhart.”  Visiting Austin?  It’s official: Lockhart is The Place to See for Texas vacationers, 512 locals looking for a staycation, and folks who want to experience a taste of the small town life close to the big city.  We take the phrase “Keep Lockhart Country” to heart.  If you’re a local community member who wants to get involved with learning about horsemanship and ranch management on a deeper level, we want to hear from you.  Traveler looking for more than a trail ride?  Visitor who wants to ride a horse and not simply sit on a desensitized robot horse?  You’ve found the right place.  At Maverick Riding, we are pleased to offer you a grander understanding of what “Horseback Riding” is all about.  Our riding groups are small although we are happy to accommodate larger groups with additional activities such as skeet shooting, paddle boating, fishing, camping, dancing, rides on the longhorn and more.

Check us out with YoloTX Travel TV Show’s episode on riding with us in 2017, or our features on Do512, Austin Top 50 Things, Best of Austin and Texas State Highways Magazine.   We also have reviews on YELP, TRIP ADVISOR, FACEBOOK and GOOGLE REVIEWS.

Ride Schedule and Availability

We have open online booking for rides Thursday through Sunday.  Simply click on the “Book Now” button above.  Want to arrange an exclusively private ride or ask about Monday-Wednesday sessions?  Please call to reserve.

Special requests for alternate times should be made in advance.  We tend to book up about two weeks in advance.  We try to leave one or two spaces open each week for riders with special considerations or requests.  Please inquire directly for more information.


Group Ride (2-3 hours): Join us for a one time ride for $150.  Visit us any consecutive week and pay $75.  Want to come every other week?  It’s $80 a session.

Regular riders who master approaching, haltering, leading, tying, tacking and picking hooves pay $50/weekly session.  Students who participate with full group ride prep, including demos for the public, pay $25/weekly session.

Pay $40 per ride if you purchase 6 months in advance for once weekly sessions.  This is ideal for folks who think they want to purchase a horse, buy a ranch or work with equines. $1,039.20.

Private Ride (1hr *and up*): Create a unique experience starting at $125 *and up*.  Please inquire directly for more information about availability and custom rates.  Visit our blog page for examples of experiences that we’ve offered in the past.

FAQ’s Page: Click HERE

Cancellation Policy: We reserve the right to charge in full for no-shows or cancellations as well as riders who misrepresent their weight by over 10lbs. Thanks for understanding this policy, which protects the health of the horses who make dreams come true. We care about equine health & we know you do, too!  Curious?  Check out our blog roll for more information on the importance of spinal and digestive care for the success of our program.  Don’t want to ride because it’s muddy, it’s raining where you are or you think it might be raining at our ranch?  You are welcome to cancel your ride at anytime.  There’s a 25% rebooking fee.

Trail ride around our 1.5 acre pond. Maybe even take the horses in for a swim if you dare!



Horseback riding birthday parties to the river and beyond! Trail riding into the water is a highlight of what we do.

Special Event Saturday 11/18 and Sunday 11/19

Maverick’s is sponsoring the Lockhart Public Library for free community education classes this January 2018.  Come visit with us this weekend, Saturday 11/18 for free activities for the public at 9am, 3pm and 4-7pm.  Click HERE for more information about our Special Event!




Birthday Parties

How about a pony painting session for your birthday boy or girl! Spend 45 minutes painting the fabulous canvas of Maverick, our large, white namesake who humbly stands by as children write birthday messages, make horsey hand prints, or turn him into a zebra or unicorn! As always, the experience caters to each group, but focuses on developing comfort, respect and awe of the horse during unmounted activities.  After the work is done, we’ll throw a saddle on this noble steed and children can spend another 45 minutes taking turns horseback riding, learning about posture, hand and foot position, and goal setting.

Our birthday sessions remain focused on educating participants on horse safety, horse care and the fundamentals of safe riding.  We do not offer “pony rides,” but rather a beautiful experience that engages the senses.  What we provide is more of a challenge, and requires children to focus, follow instruction and care for the horse.  It’s quite rewarding to little cowboys and cowgirls to know they are giving back to these wonderful animals who offer we humans so much!

Ride a painted pony!: $250 for up to 6 buckaroos

Have a large event and you’d like to explore venue options?

Check out our Special Events Page for more information.

Austin pony party extravaganza. Enjoy a unicorn, painting horses, pony rides and instructional interactions between your children and our knowledgeable and friendly guides. WARNING: silliness may ensue.

Trail riding lessons can be so exciting for folks who want to get a taste for what real horseback riding is about.  We do not believe it’s about riding in circles in an arena three times a week for ten years, and we do not believe its about joy riding the snot out of unresponsive animals that only pick up the pace when they are headed back to the barn.  Our trail riding lessons-paradigm on trail gives us the opportunity to educate riders, and this means that we can differentiate our teaching to the individual.  THAT means that individuals who demonstrate good balance, good control and kind hands and seat are able to execute more advanced obstacles than others.  We often ride with mixed skill-level horseback riding groups on trail, and we are happy to work with more confident or more experienced equestrians to be able to pick up the pace, have a little extra fun and experience something a little more gratifying than a trail ride.

Visiting from out of town?  Ask us for recommendations on beautiful places to visit in San Marcos and South Austin.  At just 20 minutes away, we are the closest riding ranch to downtown Austin.

Horseback rider takes AQHA gelding into the water of our lake
Beautiful water features on our Texas Dude Ranch, just outside of San Marcos and South Austin
So much fun taking a trail ride in the heat of Texas when you have a nice place to cool off
Enjoy splashing around in our lake on property or check our our beautiful creek!
sunset at dude ranch in San Marcos offers scenic views and horseback riding adventures for equestrians of all skill levels and ages
You’ll love the views on our Texas Dude Ranch
Children and family rides are a great way to get out and explore the area.
We offer rides to horse enthusiasts of all ages. Children as young as 2.5 can get involved. Call for details!
Big bay draft cross takes trail riders into the water for an epic trail riding adventure in San Marcos Texas at our family dude ranch
Horseback riding convenient to San Marcos
Natural horsemanship trainer MacCoy poses with her students in the background, enjoying the river of McKinney Roughs in Bastrop state park on a horseback riding adventure
All smiles on a sunny day in the Colorado River on a horseback riding vacation at MCKINNEY ROUGHS in Bastrop Texas
Here we are taking a drink of water in San Marcos on a summer day with a great group of friends
Horseback riding over the hills and through the woods, and to the water, of course, for a little sip.
Couple shown in the background over a field of Blue Bonnets at Parrie Haynes Riding Ranch in Killeen, mounted on walking horses while Equine photographer Joan Marie MacCoy takes a between the ears shot from the back of her trusted paint mare, Coca
Take a romantic vacation to PAIRRIE HAYNES in KILLEEN TX with your horses, or use some of ours!
Horse ranch pond is low from drought, but trainer Joan Marie MacCoy still enjoys a trip around the lake with Maverick and her dog Cecelia
Views from our ranch, when the lake was low during drought. Still beautiful and nice for a good swim.
Blue, orange and green summer pool noodles create the perfect horseback riding obstacle, as demonstrated by youth play day rider on APHA mare, Coca
Try out the play day obstacles like this colorful noodle wall
Riders take the plunge into the lake on horseback, pictured here are Rocky our trust chestnut quarter horse and Annie, our paint mare who is currently bred
Horseback Riding in the Water is always a fun time at our ranch!
horses in the lake at our horse rental facility in San Marcos
When you’re a little thirsty and you need a little lake of water to drink from…


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