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An Update for Guests at Maverick Ranch

Dear Mavericks,

The world has been spinning and we here at Mavericks are rolling right along with it. Life offers many ups and downs for us all. For so many folks in the world right now, there are a lot of downs. Isn’t it wild we all share this?

Mavericks was conceived some 13 years ago but first came to light in 2012. Founded with principles derived from Community Based Management Theory, Maverick Horseback Riding has evolved to fill community needs.

This begs the question: Who is our community?

Have you been following us on Facebook and Instagram? It’s truly a full time job to keep all of the social media platforms and website running. We keep track of active followers to better understand who our community is and what they need and want from life, from horses, from coming to experience what we have to offer.

If you feel like our message and big dreams speak to you, reach out. It is true, sometimes all hands on deck are literally filled to capacity and over the years we have failed to engage with all of the people who’ve persistently contacted us.

Part of the Maverick community already or want to get involved? Email [email protected] or text our main line at 512-230-8413 to schedule a call back. Feel welcome to call and leave a voicemail, but please understand we are working diligently to get back to all inquiries and text messages typically get first response.

Are we open? Kind of. We have animals to feed, care for and maintain, so we must keep operating to a certain degree. We welcome limited numbers of guests to come participate in our horsemanship sessions in which you’ll enjoy a beautiful ride, of course, but also a chance to learn about our farming and agricultural practices and what we are trying to accomplish. After all, you can’t have a happy horse without a home worthy of these wanderers, who left to their own devise will travel 25-50 miles every day.

You can’t have the horse without the land.

As our individual experiences begin to become a bit more uniform during these modern world moments of uncertainty, let us all turn back to the fundamentals. Food, and farming, is what it’s all about. Respectful treatment of those lives involved with the production of the most fundamental token of civilization is essential. Big thanks to all the guests who’ve supported us over the years. And an even bigger thanks to all of those who’ve leant a helping hand or hoof over the years.

God Bless,

Jo Marie

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