Horse Health 101: The Causes of Laminitis

A post by Charlotte Edmond

I have been around horses my entire life. One of the most common diseases I have heard about is laminitis. Countless times I have heard owners discuss in admiration the glory days of their horses. That is, until their beloved pets developed laminitis and were retired to a pasture. So what exactly causes this disease and is it something that can be prevented? I read three articles to find out. 

There are multiple causes of laminitis which are mentioned in all three of these articles. They are poor shoes, poor hoof trims, and a poor diet. Two of these articles specify a poor diet as a diet that is too high in carbohydrates, or sugars and starches (“Laminitis”; “Laminitis in horses-prevention and cure”). A large intake of these types of foods results in a lot … Continue Reading

Horse Training 101: Desensitization and Habituation

This post was submitted by Makayla Peoples

Desensitization is crucial to the training of every horse. Whether you are working with kid horses or sport horses it is important to introduce them to different kinds of objects and situations. This builds the horses confidence in itself, and builds their confidence in the relationship that you have together. Basic desensitization starts with making sure that the horse is comfortable being touched by YOU anywhere on their body. Once you have spent a significant amount of time getting the horse used to your touch and contact you can move on to desensitizing them to other objects. In this article we will be exploring Habituation as a form of desensitization and the methods within Habituation.

Habituation is one of the common desensitization methods, this method is based on the idea that if you … Continue Reading

Warning: Confirmed Cases of Horse Fever in Central Texas

My First Horse: The Grown Up’s Guide to Keeping Horses and Managing Horse Fever

Posted by Veronica Looney

My dad had been listening to my not-so-subtle hints that I wanted horseback riding lessons for several months. Eventually, I had him convinced that I wasn’t just going through a phase. On my eighth birthday, my whole family drove out to a barn about an hour outside of Austin, Texas. The barn was huge, echoing with the sounds of clip clopping hooves and hay munching. The smell of the horses brought on a calm, warm feeling in my belly. 

I met a man who was to be my instructor. He was older, in his seventies, with deep wrinkles and calloused hands, but twinkly blue eyes. He patiently showed me how to groom and tack an enormous bay Thoroughbred. When we unclipped his … Continue Reading

Horse Safety, from the eyes of a Maverick Youth Equestrian

Bridey submitted this post on horse safety. If you’d like to learn more about how to earn a discounted rate on your lesson or trail ride, please click HERE.

When handling a horse it is important to act carefully and be aware at all times, this is not only for your safety but also the horses. Some of the main rules are to never walk behind a horse without it knowing you are there. Always keep your hand out of the loops when you tie a horse, this is important because the horse could scoot back, while your hand is still in the loop and crush your fingers and or the horse could drag you. Another safety rule is to never ducking under the horse, unless the horse is trained to do so. While handling or grooming a horse … Continue Reading

Family Trail Ride

Ah, picture it now. You’re mounted up upon your loyal steed, galavanting off into the yonder. Ahead of you is your eldest boy, and trailing you are your two littles. It’s one of those picturesque moments you know is worth so much more than words.

At Maverick’s we’ve developed a reputation for family-friendly fun. This summer we want to invite you and yours to enjoy our new trails at the Lockhart location for 15% off. Families of 4 or more (2+ children, 2 adults) can enter code FAMILY to get 15% off their Lockhart Ranch Trail Ride at booking.

Horse riding at our Texas dude ranches on your horse vacation

As always, we do have weight restrictions, so adults over 185lbs, please do check in with us before booking.

Our ranch rides are appropriate for most children ages 4 and … Continue Reading

Austin Fitness

Fitness–and health–are about lifestyle. Hit the gym for five hours once a week and you’re not going to see much of an impact. Make everyday an active one, and you will surely not the difference.

Austin is a fitness friendly community, with tons of activities to do. With so much fun in the area, why li it yourself to working out at the gym? One of the best ways to get active and stay active is to get horsey.

Maverick’s is an Austin staple for visitors and locals hoping to score some saddle time, but what about fitness junkies looking for a new type of workout? Riding horses is excellent for the core, and builds good habits like awareness of breath and posture.

Use promo code KEEPTEXASFIT to receive 15% off your Lockhart Ranch Trail Ride this weekend. Molly and … Continue Reading

A Letter to Local Businesses

The Mission of Maverick Horseback Riding is to create local spaces for children, families and visitors to learn about Texas history, ecological restoration, and cultural preservation. We believe that small towns are worth protecting, and can greatly benefit from educational programs for locals to preserve real working skills as well as a place to develop an understanding of modern skills needed to promote, market and sustain the workforce.

When small towns open their doors to tourism and travel, they gain the opportunity to raise revenue for local projects, schools and organizations. After having traveled many places in the US and abroad, the Mavericks have seen firsthand how town that keep their doors closed eventually succumb to outsiders, in the form of new residents.

Maverick Horseback Riding champions local preservation by supporting businesses and non profits in an effort to raise … Continue Reading

State Capitol

Joyce Matthews, an Austin things to do blogger, contributed this post.

Austin, Texas. The city where there is culture, history, and modern fun all in one. You can either choose to make your trip a modern, fun one in which you would visit all over downtown and enjoy the company of the locals, or you can go the historic route and visit the State Capitol. When in Austin visiting the state capital is a must. As you walk in you can see the mixture of the old architecture and the new refurbishments. Although from two completely different time periods, the architecture goes together so well. An interesting fact about it was that the same architect who designed the Michigan Capital also designed the Texas State Capitol.

As you walk in, you go through a brief security checking station, but as … Continue Reading

Barton Springs Pool

Earth, a world filled with many adventures and opportunities for us to experience the wonderful beauties of nature and what it has to offer. However, it is nearly impossible for a tourist to travel to every corner of the world and completely experience the thrill it has to provide. Therefore, that is the main reason as to why countless immigrants and tourists come over to the United States of America. A country that offers life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness to all that lay their feet upon this lands fruitful soil. Soil that is formed due to lands historic importance and physical attraction that drives many towards it. But where in the United States of America can one truly experience the joy and satisfaction of setting up on a voyage. To narrow down this well-asked question, the answer is … Continue Reading


Keep Austin Learning! Enjoy this post on UT Austin, submitted by Joyce Matthews, a Maverick Horseback Rider helping contribute to our blog roll on Things to Do in Austin, TX.

In 2017, the US News and World Report ranked this place’s program number 5 in the nation. They also ranked establishment number 2 in archives and preservation, number 2 in legal librarianship, number 5 in digital libraries, and number 10 in information system. These rankings are applicable to none other than The University of Texas at Austin. UT Austin was founded in 1948 as a part of the UT Graduate School, coursework that led to a Master Library Science degree and eventually to a certification for school librarianship. This was one of the main selling points of the school back in the day.

In 1967, the school initiated a sixth … Continue Reading