Consejos para montar a caballo

“4 Consejos Para Montar A Caballo Para Principiantes”

Escrito por: Marcia Rozenblat

Estos días, los caballos y los paseos a caballo pueden llevarlo a todas partes y conectarlo
con personas de todas partes. Haz nuevos amigos, viaja a lugares distantes y disfruta de los
espacios más bellos de la tierra simplemente porque sigues caballos a lugares nuevos y
desconocidos. El amor por los caballos se extiende por países, personalidades y culturas. Otras
personas que son apasionadas por los caballos se pueden encontrar en casi cualquier lugar al que
vaya, y el vínculo que conecta es universal. Mucha gente que galopea te puede decirle sobre este
sentimiento de “libertad” que uno gana desde lo alto de un caballo. “Ser un buen jinete significa
que cuidas de tu caballo incluso después de terminar su trabajo. No quiere que su caballo se
sienta … Continue Reading

Horse Vacation

Chatting with some tourists over an immense breakfast of guacamole, eggs, veggies and tortillas this morning I learned that one of the gals had worked on a ranch in Nicaragua.  I recommended that she visit with a local named Don Pedro who rents horses to people.  While we do not offer horse rentals at Maverick Horseback Riding, it’s an activity that I thoroughly enjoy in my own travels.  Because of my Spanish and clear comfort around horses, horse gear of all types, and establishment online and in paper form, I’ve been able to talk my way into some pretty incredible opportunities.

Nicaragua has not made it on my list of countries visited or horse vacations enjoyed, but I like to think I can live somewhat vicariously through my good friend and cameraman extraordinaire, Carlos Suarez, who over the past few … Continue Reading

Outdoor Special Events 11/18-11/19 with Maverick’s

Schedule of Events Saturday 11/18

1904 Barth Road, Lockhart TX 78644

Maverick’s is sponsoring the Lockhart Public Library for a free community event this weekend.  We are happy to support the creation and implementation of two community-based education programs to begin at the library January 2018 for both Spanish and English speakers.  Classes will be free:

Early literacy classes for Spanish speakers ages 2-7 and their parents, and;

Spanish learning classes for children and adults.

Classes are offered by Austin Lessons and Tutoring, LLC and will be free of charge to the community.  Come find out more information at the Library’s info booth this Saturday.

9am: Photography Session with Chad W Adams Photography of Austin for women and couples.  Ladies, sport that beautiful dress you’ve been wanting to show off, but this time, do it with our horses and the … Continue Reading

Lockhart State Park is coming to Maverick’s!

Free Community Event

Get ready to have a beautiful weekend this Saturday and Sunday.  We have a variety of activities lined up for Saturday, including public riding lessons in the morning at 9 am and noon, as well as FREE pony rides and photos with a unicorn starting at 4pm.  We are excited to present Caldwell County Snake Relocation services, who will be providing a free class to children and adults in the area to learn about FREE snake removal services in Caldwell County.  Donations very happily accepted.  In addition, Tom and Jeanne McDonagh of Texas Ride ‘Em, who provide outdoor amusement services, will be revisiting Lockhart to provide FREE mechanical bull riding on Saturday afternoon.  You may have seen them in Lockhart’s Diez y Seis Festival this past September.  Maverick’s will be helping with a promotional video on Sunday … Continue Reading

Special Event: Community Day 11/18 and Motocross FLY day 11/19

We are kicking off for another great weekend of adventures and fun at Maverick Horseback Riding.  On Saturday, we currently have a few spaces left on our morning ride.  We are booked for the afternoon.


From 4pm-7pm we will be hosting a variety of great activities, free for the community.  Enjoy riding the mechanical bull if you’d like to test your shot as a country cowboy or cowgirl, learn about ancient weapons and the classical bow and arrow with Ranger Lauren, who is visiting from the Lockhart State Park to spend the afternoon with us, free cupcakes and face painting and crafts.


Like our last event, our First Annual Halloween Bash, Maverick’s will be providing free pony rides to the public as well as photos with a unicorn.  Can’t really beat that!


Keelan Smith of Caldwell County … Continue Reading

Where yoga and horses meet

You feel it coming, that mantra that your riding instructor repeats.  Breath all the way in, all the way out.  It’s pretty incredible that as a society we need to be reminded to breathe.  Sounds hard to believe, but this is the truth!  Breath is a things that evades many of us.  Even those who practice the art of focused breathing have to remind themselves once in awhile to breath properly, and pay mind to the breath that moves through them.  Here at Maverick Riding, we see breath as such an integral part of the experience of being here at the ranch, out in Texas sunshine, and riding, that it’s actually become on of our “Rules of Riding.”

As a rider, whether you are a total newbie or a seasoned equestrian, you probably have a sense of both self preservation … Continue Reading



I’m sitting at my office (ok, it’s not really my office, but it is the most scenic space in the whole house), and the loan chicken, “Lone Star,” is pacing back and forth in front of the window.  Occasionally she pauses her porch patrolling to stop at the window.  Lone Star cocks her head back and forth, looking in the window.  Tap Tap Tap.  She wants in.  I should probably get her some more feathered friends.

One of the little grey kittens, who is not quite so little anymore, bends low, creepy cat walking toward my silly chicken.  He and the other grey kitty (I call them Romulus and Remus) came to me from a most unpleasant situation.  They are the last of their litter and did not get adopted out.  I’m not surprised.  They’re both a little awkward … Continue Reading

Tack Care 101: The importance of cleaning and oiling your gear

Importance of Taking Care of Your Tack

By Marilyn Darrell

On a recent ride out at Maverick Horseback Riding in Lockhart, Texas, part of my day’s lessons (as a newbie to horses and the riding experience) was learning about tack. One of the most important aspects of horse riding is taking care of your tack. You know… the gear and equipment used to ride your horse. Bonus information: Tack is short for “tackle”.  And that’s what I am going to do in this post – “tackle” (muahahah) the importance of caring for and inspecting your tack.


As I mentioned, tack is the gear used to ride the horse, including: saddles, stirrups, bridles, halters, reins, bits, harnesses, and the like. When you are riding your horse, your tack is gonna take some wear and tear and get dirty. During my … Continue Reading

Halloween is in the air

Greetings Friends,

The weather is getting cooler, and that makes the call of a robust country bonfire a bit more enticing.  Can you hear the crackling of the fire?  If your kiddos are bananas about roasting hot dogs over the open flame (and I mean, really, who isn’t?), then you won’t want to miss our “First Annual Lockhart Halloween Bash.”


This year, Maverick Riding has paired forces with Spoaks Motopark of Flying H Ranch to provide free family activities for the community.  We’ll have a bouncy house, face painting, an arts&crafts table, pony rides and of course, an appearance by a unicorn or two… or three.  Add a costume contest open to the public with a CASH PRIZE and you’ve got a recipe for fun.  If you’d like more information, take a look at our Saturday October 28th ScheduleContinue Reading

Horario del Sábado, 28-10-17

Saludos Amigos! Estamos muy contentos de poder compartir nuestra nueva sede con usted en una gran apertura este fin de semana para celebrar el otoño. Durante todo el día este sábado desde la 1 de la tarde hasta las 9 de la noche. tendremos actividades para la familia. Vengan todos para hacer manualidades, disfruten de la casa inflable, paseos en pony y tomar fotografías con un unicornio.

Por favor, vuelvan a esta página para obtener actualizaciones sobre los tiempos exactos. A las 6pm, tendremos un concurso de disfraces. Usted y sus hijos son bienvenidos a venir luciendo su mejor disfraz de Halloween. El ganador en la categoría de adultos ganarán $100 y el ganador del grupo de niños ganará $30 más un mes de lecciones de equitación de forma gratuita. Traer una manta, unos perritos calientes para asar en el … Continue Reading