Things to do in ATX: Austin TX Trails

Looking for some fun in the sun? This summer you can book rides seven days a week at multiple Austin locations. Please remember that in order to enforce a “reservations required” policy at our riding facilities, ranches and parks, we do not provide directions until you’ve booked. General geographical locations will give you a good idea of where we will be. Unfortunately, folks showing up at family ranches at odd times during family get togethers or holiday meals has required us to take this approach. Thanks, in advance, for your understanding of the importance of us respecting the folks who let us enjoy their beautiful properties!

South Austin Rides are open for booking online. Go to the Book Online Now page and register your group. Currently, times are available at 9am, 10:30 and noon as well as 5pm and 6:30. Please inquire for private rides, riders over 185lbs and children under 12 years old.

Currently, we do not have open public bookings available for Southwest, Northwest or Northeast Austin. Please inquire with us directly about private rides, offered seven days a week at these locations.

We recommend you book in advance but feel welcome to call us for day-of appointments.

South Austin

Beautiful, shady trails with some lovely water crossings. A walking pace ride with some lengthy water passages for private groups who take our instructional approach. Cross the creek if you’re looking for less-instructional, more laid-back ride. About 1.5 hours in the saddle.

Northwest Austin

Quaint, homey ranch with options for regular riders. Trail rides are strongly lesson-based. Some open pastures allow for Walk, Trot, Canter. About 1 hour in the saddle.

West Austin

Enjoy a full-day affair with opportunities for walk, trot, canter and swimming your horse. Private rides make this an unforgettable experience. 2-3 hours in the saddle with breaks for swimming, snacking and relaxing.

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