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After its foundation in 2012, Austin Lessons and Tutoring, LLC (DBA Maverick Horseback Riding) set out on a big journey: share powerful, natural spaces with children in the Texas foster care program as well as individuals who have placed out of the system, and their families. No, we most certainly are not your average trail riding company.

For years our mentors, advisors and Maverick visionaries have been quietly working toward an almost impossibly large dream. Building up a sustainable working ranch from scratch is a feat in and of itself. Guiding it toward a non-profit mission is even bigger.

Over 13 years ago, owner Jo Marie MacCoy was struck by a vision so strong and so clear she knew she would find it: a ranch with rolling hills, water features on property and proximity to a large city (naturally more liberal) in a conservative state.

Under the leadership if MacCoy, who has a strong academic and professional background in education, Mavericks has dappled in a variety of free community classes and events. Never have we come forth to the community to share the real mission of the company, which is to provide nature solace to foster children.

We are excited, for the first time, to share this goal with you. Why not sooner? Who would believe that a single mom, without any ranching experience, and making every penny stretch, would have the capacity to build up a ranch and all of the infrastructure supporting it? Let alone convert it to a foster respite care program!

Seven years after the foundation of Austin Lessons and Tutoring, we are excited to point at our progress. A rotating 25 or so equines, a developing sheep, goat and cattle population as well as free range chickens and rabbits and all the gear to support it all point to one thing: We can really get a lot accomplished.

While MacCoy had no practical experience in ranch management, her dive into research on ecological restoration included everything from reviewing peer reviewed research, attending conferences and management courses, to consulting with local farms and ranches. “It’s been a long road,” she says. “I’m getting tired.”

The road has been long! It has been good, it has been challenging. Yet here we are with proof of what we can do with hard work and determination. As Maverick’s ventures forward with its vision, we reach out to our riders to thank them for supporting us over the years. In addition, we ask you to stay tuned to an upcoming video on who we are and what we do. Lastly we ask you to spread the word and surely the people out there who have similar life goals will find us. Do you want to join the Maverick Team? CONTACT US for more information! Want to read more about the vision? Read the ABOUT US page. Thanks for reading and as always,

Happy Trails!

Warm Regards,

The Maverick Team

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