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About Maverick Horseback Riding

Mavericks was founded as a stepping stone of Austin Lessons and Tutoring, LLC.  We use all the funds from our trails and lessons to build toward our goal.  Our vision is to foster a generation of children who feel inspired and empowered to protect Texas waterways.  How can they feel inspired and empowered without experiencing nature?  We hope our facility morphs into a respite center for foster children and families, as well as a space for young adults placing out of the foster system.

Our mission is to restore and protect Texas waterways, where people of all walks of life may come together to learn and employ real working skills, experience emotional refuge through the labors of ecological restoration and relish in the joy of bonding with animals and each other.  We believe we can share our experience with others, and through this sharing help heal broken hearts.  All of our earnings support our goal to promote ecological restoration, and share that journey with people who may benefit physically, mentally and spiritually from it.

About Our Rides

For eight years we’ve led the path for uniting lessons and trails in a unique, engaging experience.  If you’ve been on a trail ride before, you know how disappointing it can be to ride a dull horse that clearly wants you off his back.  The views may be something, and the horse may get a little giddy up on the halfway point heading back to the ranch, but there’s not much to it if you’re more than 10 years old.

Our horses and our experience is different right from the get go.  The horses are eager and the experience is real– no robot horses here.  Opportunities to pick up the pace on a responsive horse, master steering and see what it’s like to be on an animal that appreciates its job (most days, at least!) are few and far between.  Read about our reviews to learn how we take trail riding to the next level.

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Location of Maverick Horseback Riding

We operate out of the Greater Austin Metropolitan area.  If you schedule a ride with us, you’ll be visiting us at one of the private ranches we are so blessed to enjoy or one of the Austin Area’s beautiful public parks.  Currently, rides bookable online are held in Lockhart.

 We do not publicly list our addresses, for the protection of those riding, living and working on these ranches as well as out of respect for those who have appointment times with us.  All visits must be made by reservation only.  Absolutely no walk-ins.  Texas ranch laws apply.  No, purple is not our color of choice.  Purple means “NO TRESPASSING.”

No trespassing on the private properties we use will be tolerated. Without knowing who is watching the ranch or what animals are free ranging, you may be endangering yourself or others by coming onto private property without a reservation.


We love to share our ranch experiences with anyone and everyone!  If you're interested in learning more about what we do with our horses, how we protect the land, and our ever-expanding and modified list of services, please inquire!  This photo shows head horse trainer MacCoy with one of our babies
We offer a variety of services, from training and breaking young horses to yoga retreats and overnight camping. Here’s one of our fillies enjoying a nice stretch!
Our Texas travels have taken us all over.!  Here we are during one of our lessons offered at Pioneer Farms in Central Texas
Pictured here is a youth rider on Black, at Pioneer Farms in Austin, TX

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Thoughts, musings, and ruminations.

Back in the Saddle

From the very first, infamous buffalo ride back in Hutto, to the now beloved Lockhart BBQ Ride, I’ve watched this Program become something a lot of people may have never dreamed it may come to be. It’s a place where all around knowledged people can come, wether you know how to ride or not, and […]

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The Children’s Introduction to Horsemanship

Maverick Ranch Horseback Riding Lessons As is the case with many of the experiences we offer, horseback riding lessons at Maverick Ranch are… well… not the same as horseback riding lessons other places. What we don’t do: Barrels, Poles, Playdays (check back in January 2021) Hunter showmanship (ask about our developing cross country course) What […]

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An Update for Guests at Maverick Ranch

Dear Mavericks, The world has been spinning and we here at Mavericks are rolling right along with it. Life offers many ups and downs for us all. For so many folks in the world right now, there are a lot of downs. Isn’t it wild we all share this? Mavericks was conceived some 13 years […]

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