Horsemanship Lessons for Children


Beginners and Novice children’s weekly rides offered for $440 for 8 sessions. Learn to handle your horse with confidence and patience. Ages 6-9 require the parent to be a complete participant at all times. Suitable for ages 6-13. Mounted time increases as we go. Begins around 30 minutes mounted and increases to nearly an hour. Next series of classes begins in January. Packages are purchased four consecutive lessons at a time.


Clases en Español para niños que viven en Lockhart, Dale, Luling. Clases comienzan el 6 de enero. Duran dos horas. Enseñamos caballería, como montar Y cuidar al caballo. Cuesta $15 cada sesión. Ofrecemos meriendas y recogemos los niños directamente de Plum Creek Elementary si prefieras. Favor de mandar TEXT a 512-230-8413 y podemos organizar una llamada.


Children’s introduction to horsemanship. $35. Pay as you go. Mounted time begins as a hand lead pony ride. As you continue to come and learn with us mounted time will increase to the full length Ranch Ride. Please visit our TRAILS page for more information about the Children’s Intro classes as well as the Ranch Ride.

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