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Horseback Riding at Mavericks

Horseback riding on responsive horses in open spaces in the horsemanship experience is challenging. That’s part of the fun. This is not a nose to tail trail, and many people experience a great approach using the fundamentals of horsemanship, walking away prepared to feel a little sore the next day! If you’re looking for pure relaxation, let us know! We can bring out an additional guide to work with you one-on-one and pull your horse along whenever necessary or create a custom private ride for you or your group. Want to read a little bit more about perceptions, expectations, and realities? Read our blog on What to Expect During Your Horseback Riding Lesson on the Trail. 

Looking for a relaxing trail ride?  Go to Trail Rides to book now

Still reading?  You’re dedicated!  Maybe you should ask about our Read, Write, Reflect and Ride Program!  Ok, here you go!  Some Questions from our Riders:


When I go onto your website all I can see to book is the $115 trail ride. Is that the same as the $150 ride you mentioned in your previous email? At this stage we are intending on the 14th.


Hi Matthew,  As we switched over to summer we adjusted our rides and rates.  Originally, we had only a larger group horsemanship experience for $150.  Now we have trail rides (easy going, relaxed: $115) and an extended horsemanship experience ($185: about 2 hours in the saddle, broken up into two different riding sessions).  What’s great about this is we can take mixed groups.  For example, if there is a family with a few people who really want to push themselves, pick up the pace and get going, they can arrange for the Horsemanship Experience.  Grandma and Grandpa and the five-year-old rider can wait for the trail ride and still get some overlapping spaces where the whole group rides together.   You can schedule online for the horsemanship experience or the trail ride.  If you’d like to do a private trail ride on a weekday, I can schedule you for $150 per person.    Thanks for your interest in riding with us!  Have a great day,   The Maverick Riding Team Thank you for supporting our family business! Emails are responded to Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sundays.  If you need to get a hold of us before then please call or text us at:  512-213-5776

Maverick Poses in Pundt Park, Houston TX
sandy appaloosa trail riding
Apache riding on one of our trails in the Austin Texas area
Ellie, with intermediate youth rider pictured in Brushy Creek, Round Rock in 2015

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