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Maverick Horseback Riding is a company that serves central Texas specializing in unique horsemanship experiences, trail riding for the public, and private riding lessons.


“There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.”

Dear Reader,

What did Winston Churchill mean when he said this? What about the outside of the horse is so good for us humans? We all feel it: Horses are special. There’s something magical about being able to jump on a horse’s back, fly over the fields, up and down hills, jumping any obstacles in your path. There’s something just as transfixing, sharing a quiet moment before your ride to show some gratitude for the partnership in which you’ve engaged. Are you looking for a horsey fix?  This may be just for you. Feeling curious about what engagement with another sentient being feels like? Can you take a moment to slow down and listen to nature? If so, you will love this experience. Already have experience?  Awesome!  We LOVE to pick the pace up whenever it doesn’t come at the expense of the animal’s physical comfort.

At Maverick’s, we pride ourselves in sharing with the public an experience that gives back to the animals who have helped us become who we are.  That’s not just us becoming Maverick Horseback Riding, that’s Mankind advancing to where he has.  Think on it:  How have horses aided man in his quests to feed himself, protect himself, advance his goals of global expansion?  Would you, Dear Reader, be where you are today if it were not for the back-breaking work of the Horse?

Guests who seek out Maverick’s horsemanship experience love that we offer low-key, relaxing trail rides AND engaging, challenging and highly rewarding horsemanship experiences. What’s best is that groups with riders with mixed goals can come and ride AT THE SAME TIME and IN THE SAME AREAS! Trail riders love the scenery, the beautiful and well-cared-for horses and the fresh, open air.  Horsemanship Adventurers appreciate how we take a moment to learn about horsemanship and the land management that is necessary to maintaining a healthy herd.  We also address things like horse and rider personality pairing, how breathing and resulting tension or lack thereof affect the rider’s arms, hands and resulting communication that the horse perceives through his face (in a bites bridle), or through his teeth (if he has a metal bar or “bit” in his mouth). We teach.

We introduce our horses, our fellow co-workers to you. We invite you to feel the excitement of riding a horse who appreciates his working conditions. We open our doors to folks who understand that horses who feel appreciated, listened to and respected are the most enjoyable ones to ride. We advocate giving riders the freedom to ride and control responsive horses because that’s what horseback riding –and horsemanship– is all about.  Want to learn more about our mission to share animal and land stewardship with Texas and beyond? Read ABOUT US and find out about how your ride with us funds our mission to reach foster children, disadvantaged mothers and socio-economically challenged families.

We hope to see you in the saddle!

-The Maverick Riding Team

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