Trail Rides

In order to keep group sizes small and keep balance between providing a healthy environment and sustainability to the animals and land, we are offering two options for trails.

The Group Ride ($150 per person) is limited to 5-6 public riders. The session is about 2.5 hours from start to finish with about 1.5 hours on the horse. If you’ve had a chance to read about us, you know about our historically unique approach to trails, which is starting to become more popular in the region! A lesson-based experience enables you to get comfortable with animals and handlers on the ground first. Because our horses are responsive, they feel different: Here at Maverick Guest Ranch, they like to go! On the ride, we’ll provide instruction on how to improve your biomechanics to get a better response from the animal. It’s no ho-hum trail ride! This ride is appropriate for some children, but not others. Please inquire if you have any questions. You can also schedule the Children’s Introduction to Horsemanship on the Trail if you are interested in regular riding lessons, developing healthy outdoor activity habits with your child at an early age, or exploring a fun, one-time activity with many memorable photo opportunities!

The Horsemanship Trail ($185pp) is a step up from the Group Trail. It’s more instructional, more challenging, and more pick up the pace!

The River Ride builds off the Horsemanship Trail. It’s longer, too! ($225 pp)

The BBQ Ride is the quintessential Texas experience. Starting at $295pp, you get to see the whole Maverick Dude Ranch and more! Plan on spending the day with us for a journey you’ll never forget.

The Children’s Introduction to Horsemanship on the Trail is great for one time riders looking to come out and learn about and support what we are doing here on the ranch. This option is also good for parents who want to explore a holistic approach to teaching horsemanship and land stewardship. Feel free to simply book a ride and find out more or call us with questions. The cost is $60 per session. Packages available.

The Private Ride is for individuals or small groups who wish not to ride with other public guests. The cost varies depending on group size. One person is $250. Two people is $225 per person. Three people is $200 per person and four or more is $185 per person. Enjoy a truly individualized experience where you’ll have the opportunity to push yourself if you want!

Ready to book? Visit our Book Online page and you can get scheduled to ride horses with us!

Please read our “2020 Page” to find any updates to our services RE Covid-19 at Maverick Dude Ranch in Central Texas.

Scroll below these photos of our Lockhart location, to see options we had up until March of 2020. We hope to reinstate these options, but for now will limit our trails to the above mentioned choices. If you’re interested in a private ride in Austin, Bastrop, Canyon Lake, Blanco, Killeen or Spicewood, please reach out!

When you come join us, be ready to enjoy spectacular views and a plethora of animals.

View of Lockhart from one of the bluff tops.

Lockhart Options

The Lockhart trails are popular for their incredible scenery with huge panoramic views of the valley. Enjoy elevation changes of varying levels of difficulty and options for everyone in the family. The layout of the ranch permits for groups to sign up for mixed trails and still ride together. Please inquire if you have any questions!

Bluff Top Trail Ride: $75 for children, $95 for adults

An excellent choice for groups who need to make a shorter trip, this trail ride boasts excellent views and more gradual elevation changes than the Ranch and Horsemanship Trails. Approximately an hour and a half from start to finish, total mounted time 45-60 minutes. Ideal for families or riders who aren’t sure they want to commit to the full length of the Ranch Ride. You can book this ride alongside the Ranch or Horsemanship Trail for mixed groups. For children 11 years old and under and 89 pounds and under, the cost is $75. For children over 12 years old or 90 lbs or more, the cost is $95.

Ranch Ride: $115 Per Person, inquire for private group ride rates

Instructional, but less instructional than the Horsemanship Trail. Some steep elevation changes and trotting. Best for health riders of a healthy weight range. Approximately 2 hours from start to finish, approximately one hour 15 minutes in the saddle. You can book this ride alongside the Bluff Top and Horsemanship Trails for mixed groups.

Group Horsemanship Trail Ride: $185 Per Person, Private Varies

Beautiful, very engaging, highly instructional, pick up the pace, a great work out. Read More: CLICK HERE. You can book this ride alongside the Ranch and Bluff Top Trails for mixed groups. Best for individuals who want a physical and mental workout and want to know what “riding a real horse is really like.” This is what all of our original trails were based off of! We introduced the Ranch Ride and Bluff Top trail to give more nervous riders an option that doesn’t include as much instruction. In orer to pick up the pace you must be willing and able to accept instruction on how to improve the cue sets for our horses. We love to get up and go. We hope you do, too. Regardless of your skill set, we will work with you to see what we can accomplish. Thank you for understanding that our first responsibility is safety. Our second is the health of our horses. After that we bet you will have fun! Our Year of Riding is based off of this ride, and the River Ride.

The River Ride: $225 Per Person

The Original Maverick Lesson on the Trail: This is what made us who we are! Widely renowned for it’s incredible views, elevation changes, water crossings and unique trails-meets-lessons approach this 3.5 hour experience will truly take your breath away. This trail is suitable for healthy adults and children who are excited to learn a lot about horsemanship, regardless of their current riding experience level. You bring the desire to learn and grow, we provide the rest. Over the years we’ve learned that the recipe for fun is one huge part student willingness, an even bigger part desire to serve the horses, and after that everything falls into place. Ready to ride how you want? We can’t wait. See you in the saddle.

Children’s Introduction: $35 Per Person

Great for children ages 3-7 who have a parent or adult chaperone who is physically healthy and does not want to ride. Adult partner must be fully present the entire lesson. Short mounted period in your first session, mounted time increases as you continue to ride with us! Lucrative lesson option for locals. Total time 45 minutes. Ride time increases incrementally. Initial ride is a a short pony ride. Come love, learn and laugh with us!

Dates and Rates: CLICK HERE

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Austin Options

There are several private ranches and parks in and around Austin for riding. The Southeast option, which is bookable online most days of the week, takes you through Onion Creek. Based on the season, this can be a very beautiful ride. However, low water, high water or algae can make this ride less desirable. For most people, booking at the Lockhart location is nearly the same drive time and well worth the extra 5 or 10 minutes in the car. If you have questions about riding in Onion Creek or other parks and ranches in Austin, reach out! The Southeast Austin Trail Ride is $125 per person. Inquire as to private ride rates!

Alternate Locations

You can book online at the Lockhart and Austin locations 7 days a week. Alternate locations check the Dates and Rates page. Bastrop, Luling, McDade, Blanco, Spicewood, Granger, Canyon Lake and Round Rock all have something unique to offer. Click for Houston Rides, Click for Bastrop Rides.)


If you’re looking to explore some beautiful Texas country side on horseback, then look no further. We are offering trail rides 7 days a week at our Lockhart location, which you can book online, or our Austin locations for private excursions. Maverick’s still offers its notorious horsemanship trails, for folks who are interested in challenging themselves to take their riding to the next level.

While our trail rides are perfect for a laid-back morning or afternoon, we still offer some components of good horsemanship on our trails. For example, we adjust rider stirrups to a safe and comfortable position. This takes an extra 10-20 minutes, but is well worth the added safety not just for the rider, but also for the comfort of the horse. After a brief “hey how do you do” with your horse on the ground, get mounted up and hit the trail! Rides are about an hour and a half, with the total session time being about two hours. Do you want to do a trail ride or do you want to do the horsemanship trail? Read more about the Trail Ride versus the Horsemanship Experience to make sure you choose exactly what you want to do in Austin!

Media Spotlights About Our Trail Rides

Visit our General Services Page for links to reviews, media spotlights and collaborations. Don’t forget to check out the Frequently Asked Questions Page! CALL OR TEXT for more information.

Meet Rocky. He has been riding with us for 6 years. He’s a classic quarter horse: American muscle. If you are looking for a fun trail ride in the Austin Texas area, this is your man!

Austin, TX is full of fun things to do. If you’ve been on a trail ride before, you will love our vibrant horses and beautiful views. Consider taking our horsemanship class for more of a challenge and a chance to pick up the pace.
Looking for a great date night? Consider a trail ride, Austin’s ultimate Thing to Do! If you really want to wow her, ask about a private excursion. You’ll have a blast.
Meet Cremello, leading the way with Rocky in the rear. Your vacation to Texas isn’t complete without getting the full TEXAS EXPERIENCE of riding one of these amazing horses in a trail ride or horsemanship class.
Austin Texas is rife with family fun and activities for couples and children. Rowdy here, our gorgeous Appaloosa, loves to show people around the ranch on our trail rides.
Here’s Noname and her rider, Cat who came along for a Bachelorette party after riding with us a few years ago. Cat’s group knew where to find the fun in Austin: right here at Maverick Horseback Riding!

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