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Update 3/29

Greetings Mavericks, 

We hope that wherever you find yourself reading these words in our Brave New World, that you are safe, well, fed and feeling loved. Don’t forget to eat your veggies, gargle frequently, and reduce your sugar intake to stay as strong as you can, to protect those who you love. 

For many years people have commented that this jumbled mess of a website is what brought them to us. Rest assured, the website is yet another project on the To Do List, which has suddenly gotten much larger, and much smaller all at the same time. It will be improved! In the interim, updates will be posted here. You’ll be able to book online for Private Excursions, which are about 4 hours long.  You can book online by clicking HERE. When you schedule with us, plan to come to an Austin “Dude Ranch,” “Daycation” Experience. Bring a picnic lunch and a can-do attitude. You’ll come to meet our unique herd, a fur family that consists of everything but a few pigs and a llama. Oh… and also a Camel. That’s right. We still haven’t got the camel. We digress… Future camel and llama herds are distracting. So, you’ll meet the cuddle crew and come to know your horses for the day much more closely as well. During grooming and prepping, which takes about an hour, you’ll get to learn all about keeping your horse responsive for a more engaged ride, and perhaps it goes without saying that you’ll also help contribute to the essential ranch duties of keeping our herd healthy and happy. You will also learn some basic safety in checking your mount and your gear, and potentially assist with repairs as needed, or a quick rub with oil. Perhaps you’ll pound a celebratory T post, scoop some manure, or groom out a messy baby. It’s to say, you’ll give a hand on the ranch. We need it! And really, so do you. And so does the world. We believe America would be stronger, more independent and healthier if more of our fellow citizens looked back to the ways of the old. We will share with you some of that life lived long ago, as well as practices founded on the collective knowledge of people from countries and cultures from all over the world. It’s amazing the basic protocol that can be overlooked with regard to gear safety, land management, and understanding being-to-being interactions. Learn more about the Maverick Mission, learn to care for animals, learn to care for their land. Learn, of course, to ride! 

After meeting the Mavericks, giving a hand with some necessities and preparing your horse for the ride, you’ll be ready to hit the trails. The ride time is just under 2 hours. On the trip you’ll get to see lots of types of varying terrain. Based on your comfort and skill level, we will have the opportunity to stop and take photos, pick up the pace, or blow up Instagram. (Just sayin’.) You’ll love the diversity of the trails we have access to as much as the engaged and responsive horses. Feel free to tone down, or up the level of instruction you receive. 

For the health and safety of those we love, we regretfully must turn away riders who present with symptoms of Coronavirus. We understand cold and allergy season is upon us. We treat everyone (including ourselves) as asymptomatic carriers. Coughing and sneezing greatly contribute to the spread of the disease. Questions? Feel free to call or text 512-230-8413. Make sure you speak with someone before booking to verify that you are comfortable with our sanitation practices. We want to thank you for considering booking with us. Take a gander at the website and reviews to get a better sense of what we offer and why it’s been heralded as the total horse ranch experience. 

Hope to see you in the saddle, 

Jo Marie

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