The leaves they are a’changing

Howdy Folks,

It’s that time of year when big changes are brewing in Texas.  For starters, the weather in Central Texas is currently giving every farmer a run for his or her money.  It’s incredible how different city and country mice live, for sure.  Rest assured, the country mice see snowfall (yep, that’s right, I said snowfall) before the middle of November as a sign that all the talk of a really tough winter is getting closer and closer to the mark.  Keeping in mind that while we adore providing horseback riding opportunities to the public, our primary goal is creating sustainable ranching tactics for our mixed herd, which now adorably includes a donkey and lamb and sadly excludes our goat little Lydia, who was never recovered after much searching.  The lamb, Hey Ewe, isn’t too lonely now that she pastures with the foals and the new mini horse “Lil Man,” but all the same we are excited about the prospect of adding 9 lambs to our numbers this Spring.  Luckily our Lamb guy can hold onto them for us till then as weather threats keep us from taking this leap at a poor time.  Yes, much change on the house.

I’ve got to say thanks to those of you who have patiently and persistently kept in touch for your bookings.  There’s updated availability online under Ride Schedules and Prices for our Northwest Austin, Lockhart, Dale, Killeen, Bastrop and Blanco locations.  As we continue to adjust how our booking platform is executed, we invite you to reach out to us if you have any suggestions.  I know it’s sometimes hard to get in touch with the horseback riding companies in town, and we are certainly on that list of difficult to pin down.  It’s nothing personal!  We have been battening down the hatches to get ready for our new critters, our old critters, and our young critters.  So many critters to care for!

Keep tuned for more information on exciting Springtime developments including a re-vamped Apprenticeship Program for locals and travelers as well as Auction Day.  What’s Auction Day, you ask?!?  Well truth be told I hear I’m kind of fun to go to Auction with.  So I’ve decided to take a crew of Mavericks with me.  We’ve got people signed up already.  Why?  So that we can have a really open conversation about KILL PENS and the lies they eschew, the money they rake in, and the TRUTH about which horses get slaughtered and which do not.

As always I’m indebted to those of you who’ve helped us out, dug us out, fed us and kept us clean and healthy.  I’d like to give an extra special Thank You to Makayla Peoples, who is giving us a great hand with horsemanship experiences at the Northwest location.  Makayla has been aiding Mavericks for five years now and we are very grateful for her knowledge and assistance.  Another thanks to Rachel Hinosa, who for six months has been my right hand lady, helping out in ways only the best of personal assistants can.

Well that’s all for now.  Just want to express thanks again, prayers and good vibes to our farmers and ranchers this year, and gratitude for the overall health of the herd, people included!

Good day and God Bless,


Jo Marie

youth equestrian handles 2018 APHA foal for sale at dude ranch in Austin Texas
Shadow is Cocala’s foal.
professional motocross dirt bike track provides excellent horseback riding opportunities
Riding session at the Dale location, MX Texas!
Orange cat named Bandit is getting a good scratch on the sofa at the dude ranch location south of Austin Texas while participants get ready for a horseback riding adventure
Horse trainer Jo Marie with 2018 foal and 2017 yearling
2017 yearling, Charlotte meeting 2018 foal, Shock for the first time.

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