Pictures of the ride

We know, we know!  A picture’s worth a thousand words.  Take a look at some photos, below, of our rides.  You can also take a look at our instagram and facebook accounts to see more.

Our riding takes place near San Marcos and South Austin, TX.  Enjoy a horsemanship lesson on beautiful trails with great photo opportunities.  Both one-time riders and regulars will appreciate this peaceful place, amazing natural flora and fauna on our trails, and a horseback riding lessons you’ll never forget!  Check out our reviews to see more photos and hear more about what the rides are like.

Looking for a “trail ride” on unresponsive horses?  That’s not quite what we do!  While we have AMAZING trails with beautiful scenery in which we frequently see great blue herons, white cranes, deer and song birds, the experience is a lesson.  It’s perfect for seasoned riders or total beginners who want to know what riding a horse is really like.  The industry standard of trail riding does not give public riders a real equestrian experience.  Trail horses poke along on a trail that’s all they know and it actually requires more skill to get the horse OFF the trail than to stay on it.  Our horses are responsive, but understanding of beginner over-cuing, under-cuing and mis-cuing.  Our guides will provide patient instruction to individuals with different learning styles by offering a variety of explanations to make sure that horseback riders feel confident that they have the right tools to handle the horses.

Group of horseback riders enjoying a stop at the pond at our Central Texas dude ranch, which is just twenty minutes away from the heart of San Marcos
Enjoying a stop by the pond at our ranch, which is just 20 minutes from San Marcos, Texas
Texas riding stables offers trails to San Marcos residents looking to learn more about the art of horsemanship
Enjoy some spectacular sunsets at the ranch for a moment of relaxation after your horseback ride
between the ears shot by Texas equine photographer mounted on black morgan quarter horse cross mare for sale
Horse job available in Central Texas
Call to make a reservation and take a horseback riding session of a lifetime!
Horseback riding sessions with beautiful sunsets convenient to San Marcos, TX
Traveler on horse vacation visits central Texas dude ranch and takes a ride to downtown Lockhart
There are lots of things to do when you visit Texas
Texas trail rides take equestrians of all skill levels into the pastures, woods, hills and... water!  Go riding in the water on our beautiful trails
Hey everyone, Want to go for a swim?
Horseback riding student hits the trail on beautiful paint mare named Annie Up
We take trail riding lessons through the hills, woods, water and beyond! Learn how to ride in a way that is safe for you and healthy for the horse.
Rider lying down on the job with APHA mare, Annie Up, who is currently serving Maverick Stables as a beautiful broodmare
Looking for horseback riding convenient to San Marcos, TX? Look no further! We are just 20 minutes away from Texas State University in San Marcos.
Children and family rides are a great way to get out and explore the area.
We offer rides to horse enthusiasts of all ages. Children as young as 2.5 can get involved. Call for details!

There is so much to do in South Texas and San Marcos.  Make sure that a stop at Maverick Trail Riding Lessons is on your Top Things to Do list this year!

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