Be a Maverick, a reflection from Lyric Cox

Lyric has participated in several of the horsemanship classes. She’s helped us out a bit around the ranch to get a feel for what our day-to-day looks like. Here she talks a little bit about her experiences growing up, finding Maverick’s and what her trips to Austin look like:

“I found Maverick Horseback Riding through a google search when I came through Austin looking to, not only ride, but learn more about riding and how to care for and communicate with the horses. From day one at Maverick’s, they instill the important lessons of knowledge and attention to details to make you a better rider and human for the horses. I have since come back every time I visit Austin and will continue to work and learn while here through the fall. I grew up in Southeast Louisiana and have loved horses from the first time I remember seeing one. My family didn’t have enough money for me to take lessons, but as a Girl Scout every year I was able to sell my 350 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies with the reward being a week of Summer Horseback Riding Camp! That is where I learned the absolute basics of riding and grooming horses. I never could afford the two week course where they learned more things, like bareback riding. (I look forward to learning that here at Mavericks!) I then became a counselor at a similar style camp in New Hampshire and learned far more about caring for the horses and the land they need. Years have since past since my Girl Scouting days. I have grown accustom to seeking out trail ride adventures everywhere I travel. I am more often left saddened or bored by the ranches and staff of these places. When did trail riding just become a follow the leader game for the horses and not a sport where a human has to communicate appropriately with their horse? At Maverick’s the horses are happy, the staff is knowledgable, patient and firm to protect you and the animals, the land is kept, and the views are so peaceful- I have found my bit of paradise here, and a learning location for a lifetime!

“Austin itself is full of little day hikes and swimming holes for your days off from the ranch. The Walnut Creek Greenbelt is a favorite of mine and easy to access. You can hike for minutes or hours to find your perfect little water spot. The trail is easy and flat. Another tranquil, super dog friendly park and hiking spot is at Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park. There you’ll find off leash dogs joyfully splashing through the river and well made trails up and down through easy hills. A friend of mine also lives in Georgetown, and I love adventuring to Lake Georgetown. It’s an easy but decent hike with some uphills to the lake and then there are tons of little turn offs to find a nice spot to wade or even jump in and swim around and find caves! You can bring kayaks and paddle around, launch a boat and ski, or just relax on the rocks and get some ‘sunny-D.'”

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Pictured here is Lego, a registered Paso Fino started under saddle. He is for sale.

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