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Looking for some economical fun in Austin, Texas? You don’t have to spend tons of money to get to see our amazing city. Below, read about the Austin Bouldering Project. This post was contributed by Maverick Horseback Riding, Joyce Matthews. If you’d like to learn more about contributing posts, please Contact Us!

Austin, the capital of Texas has left an immerse mark in the history of Texas. Through its historic involvement, this place slowly evolved to become a hub of diversity, culture, and food. The geography of Austin is distinct in its way of being a city bordered by the hill country region. This city also gave rise to the University of Texas campus. Due to the large population, the city is also known for its electric live music scenes centered around genres such as: country, blues and rock. A big essence of this can be seen through the various concerts that are hosted in the city. The geography of the city has also made it an ideal place for several parks and lakes which brought outdoor acuities such as hiking, biking, swimming, boating, running, etc. Additionally, the racing fans also get their part in this city. Formula One’s circuit of the Americas is usually host of the United States Gran Prix. In such a big city, attractions are endless. However, one activity that is enjoyed by people of all ages is rock climbing.

There are several mountains where one could execute this activity, however the bipolar weather of Texas combined with the humidity
makes it a very difficult job for people to enjoy this activity. As a result, people has now slowly turned to indoor rock-climbing. One major place that popped up in 2015 is the Austin Bouldering Project. This indoor rock-climbing center later became one of the top rock climbings to visit in Texas. Zach Olschwanger, the owner of Austin Bouldering Project was very confident his new indoor rock climbing facility in East Austin. He stated
in several interviews that he knew it would gather traction quickly but had no idea what a rapid ascent it would be. Olschwanger stated that he was planning on having the inauguration on November 28th at 3pm, however, before 10 am, the parking lot was full, and people had to park in the nearby streets.

As a result, Olschwanger actually had to open the place at 12pm. This massive amount of people storming did not just stop that week, even today there are times when the facility had to put people on waiting list due to the high traffic. The place itself is very impressive. The interior is specially fabricated boulders spread across around 50,000 square feet. There are two to three main large rooms, and plenty of large space in the middle. There are several courses one could depending on the difficulty. The rocks are color coded so that the climber knows which ones the easy ones and which ones are are the challenging ones.

The rocks are interchangeable, and the faculty actually changes up the course every so often so that it’s always a new challenge. Many visitors claim that this place is awesome. When in Austin, if you are longing for some forms of exercise and wants some type of challenge then this is the place to be. The Austin Bouldering Project also has specialized shoes
that are made only for rock climbing. These shoes provide the extra traction necessary to make that final leap to get to the top. Although regular shoes are allowed, purchasing the rock-climbing shoes will never hurt. If it is your first time, then the facility offers free shoes. Prices are consistent for all sizes and they are applicable after the first climb. The first-time free shoes making a hot spot for many of the tourists. The climbing is not based on hour which means, after you pay, you are more than welcomed to stay there until closing time.

They also have chalk power that you can use to enhance your experience
with rock climbing. Attached to the side is a gym that is allowed for members who buys their membership. This membership gives you access to exclusive gym equipment, yoga sessions, and personal trainers. Overall, the Austin Bouldering Project in a cost efficient, healthy and fun place to try out in Austin, Texas.

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