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Chatting with some tourists over an immense breakfast of guacamole, eggs, veggies and tortillas this morning I learned that one of the gals had worked on a ranch in Nicaragua.  I recommended that she visit with a local named Don Pedro who rents horses to people.  While we do not offer horse rentals at Maverick Horseback Riding, it’s an activity that I thoroughly enjoy in my own travels.  Because of my Spanish and clear comfort around horses, horse gear of all types, and establishment online and in paper form, I’ve been able to talk my way into some pretty incredible opportunities.

Nicaragua has not made it on my list of countries visited or horse vacations enjoyed, but I like to think I can live somewhat vicariously through my good friend and cameraman extraordinaire, Carlos Suarez, who over the past few years has aided me with exceptional photography and the very best of friendship.

Upon suggesting she rent a horse, the girl nearly scoffed at me.  “I just spent the past three months riding on a ranch, so no I’m fine.”  I smiled at her.  I could spend (and have spent) every day of every week atop a horse and still be left wanting to make it the highlight of my travels.  I so much believe that horses reach humans in the most special of ways.  We true horse lovers can spend all day with these majestic creatures, grooming them, riding them or simply enjoying their presence.  Personally, I see no better way to explore a new place than atop a horse.

Equine vacations are the highlight of my year.  While it can feel a little silly to take the time to rent a horse from someone else, or pay for a carriage ride in one city or another, I find it to be the most real way of seeing the land.  Nothing beats some solitude and the quiet companionship of the animals that have given man his past, present and future.  Where would we be without the help of these incredibly brave animals, who go against their very nature to interact with us.  They are sentient.  So are we.  I think we see that in each other.

Horse lovers of the world take calm in knowing that their adventures are all the richer when shared with an equine.  Sure, we horse people can be a little strange.  A little strong.  A little particular.  We’re all one in the same, despite our differences though!  True horse people will find a way to make travel on horseback part of their life, not simply a box to check off on the list of things to do.

Horse vacationers of the world, what are your horse stories?  I’ve got some amazing connections in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Chile, Peru, Panama, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and of course in Texas.  If you have found a gem of a place to recommend, please let us know!  If you do, we’ll make it a point to add it to our list of best horse vacations around the world.  Email us at [email protected]

Peace, Love and Horseback Riding,


Joan Marie

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