First Annual Maverick’s “Flying Halloween” Bash

Get Pristine for Halloween 2017


Well do we have some festivities in store for you this weekend!  Clearly, the inner child in you can’t wait for Halloween, and here at Maverick’s we know what it’s like to await this iconic American holiday.  We also know there’s no better way to celebrate Halloween in cozy Central Texas than to sport your favorite costume and pose for a few photos… with a unicorn, obviously.

You may have seen our dazzling unicorn in all his rainbow glory in the past but HAVE you seen his two new friends?  Right.  We didn’t think so.  This year, Maverick will be making a special appearance as the unofficial Lockhart Unicorn.  If that’s not enough fun in the bag for you, his friends Angelita and Ghost will be decked out by his side.  What could be better?

Big plans for this weekend?  Make space to stop by for a visit on Friday, Saturday or Sunday at our new special events venue, right down the road from us.  That’s right, Maverick’s is now offering Special Events at a 400+ acre ranch with a professional motocross track.  Excited yet?  We are.


Friday morning we will meet out for our first riding session of the day at Flying H Ranch, a gorgeous property with rolling hills, winding paths, secluded wooded trails, and several ponds for fishing, paddle boating and simple admiration.  At noon a photographer will be coming to take photos of several different groups of riders, representing kid-friendly activities in the Austin area as well as a group for experienced adult riders who can travel at a trot/canter pace on hills.  Interested in getting involved?   Reach out to us for more information.

Saturday morning we have a semi-private ride scheduled for 10am, open group at 1pm and many fun shenanigans thereafter.  Photos with a unicorn, pony rides, relay games, arts and crafts as well as a bonfire are available for your enjoyment, free of charge to locals in South Austin and Lockhart coming to visit for the day.

Don’t forget to sport your most impressive costume.  There will be a costume contest!


We will be operating out of our new special events venue, at Flying H Ranch.  Join us this weekend for fun and festivities at 1904 Barth Road, Lockhart 78644.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Halloween festivities this fall at Flying H Ranch and Maverick's Stables
Bonfire party this Halloween 2017 with Maverick’s and Flying H


Equine trainer MacCoy on her favorite unicorn, Maverick
The official SXSW unicorn will


sorrel and white paint mare hangs her head quietly while equine trainer MacCoy gets silly with little baby dressed in halloween bumble bee outfit
We are ready for Halloween in Lockhart, are you?


Austin fairy and SXSW unicorn pause for a quick kiss on the streets of downtown Austin
When Maverick rode the streets of downtown Austin as the unofficial SXSW unicorn, equine trainer MacCoy had to oblige his requests that she dress as a woodlands fairy.


Beautiful horse model with orange dress and green head piece reminiscent of a carrot teases hungry horses in the background, in the middle of green fields at a Round Rock horseback riding lesson stables in Texas
When Jasmine Fine of @1finecookie came to celebrate a horsey Halloween with us, she managed to talk us into dressing up as carrots. Horses love carrot cakes, she said!


MacCoy and black stand with foot and hoof placed over soccer ball during summer camp activities in Austin Texas 2016
Remember that time we played Horse Soccer? Basically, we use Halloween as a chance to dress up and be our own inner child.


youth equestrian stands atop rainbow unicorn, unofficial SXSW superstar, "Maverick," our Percheron/Arabian cross
Maverick Horseback Riding now offers special events for the community, visitors and horse enthusiasts!

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