Barton Springs Pool

Earth, a world filled with many adventures and opportunities for us to experience the wonderful beauties of nature and what it has to offer. However, it is nearly impossible for a tourist to travel to every corner of the world and completely experience the thrill it has to provide. Therefore, that is the main reason as to why countless immigrants and tourists come over to the United States of America. A country that offers life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness to all that lay their feet upon this lands fruitful soil. Soil that is formed due to lands historic importance and physical attraction that drives many towards it. But where in the United States of America can one truly experience the joy and satisfaction of setting up on a voyage. To narrow down this well-asked question, the answer is Texas.

Texas, the second largest states in the United States by both area and population, also holds opportunities for many to engage themselves in what this world has to provide. Since Texas is a vast area to travel filled with many historic importance, it is usually troublesome for visitors to conclude upon where to go. However, if you are a tourist and you are trying to experience the American dream along with the numerous fun and excitement it contains, then Austin TX is the perfect place to go. Austin is the state capital of Texas, an inland city bordering the Hill Country region.

This place contains many historic importance and physical activities to engage their immense population. Austin contains many thrilling activities such as hiking, biking, swimming, and even boating in Austins’ blue and beautiful waters. Speaking from personal experience, Austin is an extremely populated city that is burning hot throughout the year. Therefore, it is of great importance to engage ourselves in attractions that will cool the body. Barton Springs is the perfect place that allows us to relax and enjoy the beautiful view of Austin. Barton Springs pool is a recreational outdoor swimming pool that is filled entirely with water from nearby natural springs. It is located on the grounds of Zilker Park in Austin, Texas. In the 358 acres of Zilker Park lies the heart of its attraction, the Barton Spring Pools.

The pool itself measures about three acres in size and is fed from underground spring water. The average temperature ranges from 68 – 70, putting it in a perfect temperature to jump in the water. Barton Spring pools have attracted various visitors including: state legislators, movie stars, and even Robert Redford, who actually learned how to swim here. As of today, nearly 800,000 people have visited this place and left a good rating. Barton Spring pools not only is an ideal attraction to a family that is planning on just enjoying the weather of Asutin, it is also outstanding location for anyone who wants to jump in the water. The cold water offers comfort in the hot weather for everyone. With lifeguards on duty it is a safe and enjoyable place to visit. There are almost 6 lifeguards that ready to dive in and rescue if anything does go wrong.

Due to its huge attraction, this place brings in huge amounts of traffic. As a result, it is ideal to go either early in the morning or towards the latter half of the day. Many people as a matter of fact bring in tents to campout out here for the day. Since its a park, everything is welcomed to this location as long as no harm is done on the environment or its inhabitants. Many families host picnics here to enjoy their day. Therefore, consider visiting this wonderful Barton Springs pool and enjoy your time here by jumping into a refreshing cold water and allowing yourself to escape the hot sun in Austin. 

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