Appaloosa Gelding for Sale ATX

Kid-friendly, beginner-friendly Appaloosa extraordinaire, Rowdy, has been with us for about two and a half years. Although we have’t measured him, this beautiful snow blanket appy stands about 14’3 hands high. Used for our trail rides and horseback riding lesson program, our Appaloosa for sale would make a great play day horse. Although we don’t worry about him taking off with people, Rowdy has plenty of spunk and speed and will happily get up and go if you ask him.

If you would like to schedule to view Rowdy, you can come see him and our other horses for sale. A trainer will ride him and show you what he can do: Gates, pony, pull, ride bareback. You can also watch one of our group sessions and see how a beginner handles him. If you would like to ride Rowdy, you can do so in one of our programs. Request 20% off your ride and if you decide to make the purchase, we will deduct the cost of your ride from his sale.

Our beginner horses are ridden throughout the year. If you are looking for a beginner horse, please understand that all horses will exhibit behaviors to challenge people. They start small, and beginners may not even register it as a challenge! We do not sell horses to beginners who do not have a trainer with whom they are working. You will need a vet referral and you must have at least one other horse on property. We love our horses and we love to find them their perfect forever homes!

Rowdy has been a great addition to the team. Not only has he been mount extraordinaire for Instagram influencers Haley Pham (@haleypham) and Mary J Lee (@MaryJLeeee), he was also the ride for Texas State Highways author, Gene and Austin Woman Magazine, Gretchen. Rowdy has been used in Music Videos, TV promos and Photo Shoots!

When you purchase a horse from us, you know that you have a horse that has been there and done that. He’s been desensitized to a wide variety of things, people and places. You know that if you are unsure of a health problem or behavior that you can reach out to us and we will make you a priority. That’s because these aren’t just working animals, they are our coworkers, our friends. They are the beings who make what we do possible. Our reputation for taking great care of our horses translates into taking great care of our buyers. When we rehome a horse to you, we want you to know that you’ll always be part of the Maverick Family.

Youth horseback rider, who participated in our horsemanship class, learns how to take care of her horse’s hooves at our Texas Dude Ranch.

Mary J Lee (@maryjleeee) stands posed with Rowdy at our Texas Dude Ranch.
They sure did make for a handsome couple!
Mary J Lee (@maryjleeee) said “The essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us in contact with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit and freedom.” We couldn’t agree more. Thanks for riding with us at our Texas Dude Ranch!
@maryjleeee and rowdy are all smiles on a sunny day at the ranch in Austin TX

Novice rider participating in the horsemanship program is working Rowdy in the hammock pasture of our Texas dude ranch

A Nervous Rider is in good hands with this beginner-friendly horse for sale

Rowdy is a stout appaloosa gelding who is appropriate for beginners and children

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