Maverick to be Featured by Texas State Highways Magazine

They’re at it again!  Maverick just wrapped up with YoloTX Travel TV Show as a featured item of Top Texas Travel things to do, but they’re not finished yet!  Texas State Highways Magazine will be coming out on Monday, October 16th to feature our acclaimed riding lessons in Central Texas.  Maverick’s Horseback Riding Stables is beyond thrilled to have Gene Fowler come check out the family farm, which generally holds the spotlight on top places to take a riding lesson.  While Maverick Riding does love to travel, the folks here are quite content to bask in the sunlight of the little valley they call home.

“It’s a great opportunity, for sure,” says MacCoy, owner.  “We are always excited to get the word out about what we do.  I remember as a child, taking lessons and going on trail rides thinking ‘there’s something missing here.'”

If you’ve ever taken a riding lesson before, you may have had your thrill to ride dampened by the monotony of riding around in endless arena circles.  Take to the great outdoors for a trail ride, and you might have been equally bored.  MacCoy explains: “The industry standard for lessons is, of course, based in the arena.  That’s great for someone who wants to show or compete, but what about the nature lover who wants to get out and ride around somewhere that’s not a traditional equestrian facility?”  Maverick’s horseback riding provides riding lessons to individuals of all skill levels, out where horses were intended to be: “over the hills and through the woods,” as Maverick’s informal motto goes.

“We actually speak out pretty openly against trail rides.  Trail rides in which riders sit atop a horse with a saddle that doesn’t fit the horse OR the rider, in an environment where the horse has been taught not to interact with the person, lead to false public concepts about the nature of horses.  That’s dangerous.”  MacCoy takes the time to make sure riders get paired up with a suitable mount, and adjusts saddle and stirrup fit accordingly.  “Actually, when I go on trail rides with other companies I often times go around fixing people’s stirrups.  I can’t help it,” she laughs.  “I see people riding around with their heels jutting way up over their toes, leaning forward with their hands behind the saddle and think ‘This is no good!'”

Maverick Horseback Riding has developed an outstanding reputation for safety and horse health.  Check out one of their 350+ reviews online to see for yourself.  Or better yet, give Maverick Ranch a call to arrange for a riding lesson on one of their beautiful lesson horses, and see the process first hand.  Whether you are riding out of their home base in Lockhart, TX or one of their other favorite locations, you’re sure to walk away with a deeper appreciation of the horse we American’s call Spirit of the Free.

Article contributed by Nicole Gallant.  Images are the property of Maverick Horseback Riding.


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