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We have been featured on YoloTX Travel TV Show, Do512, Austin Top 50 Things, Best of Austin and Versatile Kids.  Our horses have been used for two music videos, Animal Planet B Roll on the Texas Rangers Show and a variety of photo shoots.  We love to get creative!  Have a fun horse-inspired idea you’d like to accomplish?  Please let us know!  Take a look at our “Full Day Programs” to see examples of experiences we’ve offered in the past.

Whether you are a total newby or an experienced rider, you are going to love our approach to horseback riding lessons in a natural, peaceful environment.  We take riders of all ages and skill levels through a lesson-based horsemanship experience from the ground-up, which will leave you with an understanding of so much more than just sitting on a horse that’s robotic-like.  Our horses are responsive, and because we use them for a wide array of activities, you’ll find them to have great, unique personalities.  Our trails, woods, hills and pastures are stunning, with panoramic views of hundreds of acres of valley, a pond (sometimes referred to as our lake!) and a creek system that runs through the property, giving us a natural wetlands area that attracts all kind of animals.  Regularly on the ride we see great blue heron, white cranes, deer, armadillo, and even skunks!  While the views are fantastic and very “trail-esque,” with hills, woods, open spaces and water features,  equestrian riders who have been on trail rides before will immediately notice that this is not structured like a trail ride.  We want to bring you the joy of horseback riding that has touched our own lives.

The unique experience we offer is a lesson, appropriate for children, adults, beginners and even experienced riders.  As a lesson-environment, we are able to differentiate teaching.  This means that more experienced riders will not only get a more forward horse, but they’ll be able to pick up the pace on our walking trails if they can execute a 20 and 40 meter circle away from the group and back in both directions.  Can you keep your furry friend straight on the curve, collect him and round him out?  You’ll have the opportunity to trot and canter even if you’re riding with a complete beginner group.  Additionally, our lesson horses are responsive, which means that a confident beginner can steer the horse where he or she likes.  This is something that simply can’t be achieved with trail horses.

Still have some questions about the difference between a “trail ride” and a “trail riding lesson?”  Call us and ask!  We are happy to help you determine if what we offer is a good fit.  Generally, if your goal is solely to sit on a horse and take some photos, this isn’t the best activity for you.  If you care about horse health (check out what our reviews say about the condition of our horses!), how to ride in a way that is SAFE for you and HEALTHY for the horse which will IMPROVE his working life and his lifespan, then this trail riding lesson is just the ticket for you.  Call today for more information, or to book a ride.  We look forward to seeing you and yours in the saddle.

Not sure what’s the difference between riding lessons at a facility, a trail ride or a horse rental?  We’ve got you covered, Friends!  Click HERE to learn more.

Ride Schedule

~~~>If you are looking for a private horseback ride, a one-on-one session, an alternate time or day for your trail lesson, please contact us for more information.  We are happy to coordinate with your schedule.  This list of riding sessions is subject to change, and is intended as a general reference of times available. <~~~

Please call to schedule a time with us.  Currently, we have flexible arrival times Monday morning, Thursday evening and Friday-Sunday.  Ride times shift each week so give us a ring and we will do our best to get you a preferred time spot.

Children’s Class 4-6pm Monday evening: $50 for drop-in, $140 for a 4-lesson package purchase


Adult beginner and intermediate class Thursday evening: 5:30pm: $420 for a 6-week program or $125 for drop-in


Price and Details 

To start: Enjoy a 2-2.5 hour horseback riding lesson on a beautiful ranch with panoramic views of hundreds of acres of valley floor from the top of an 80 foot elevation change.  Ride through hills, flat lands, by our creek and gorgeous pond.  Enjoy an hour and 15 minutes in the saddle at a walking pace with both wooded and secluded trails as well as open areas.  More experienced riders will be given instruction to use natural obstacles on the trail to test their abilities.  Riders who demonstrate an independent seat and polite hands will be invited to trot and even canter on this ride.  The cost is $125 per person.  Private Family Riding Sessions are available for varying rates if you have small children.  Please call to inquire!  Take a look at photos of our Family Dude Ranch at the bottom of the page.

Want to trot or canter on a faster paced ride and spend some more time in the saddle?  No problem.  After we’ve completed the first leg of the ride (see above), those who wish to pick up the pace will be invited on another 20-30 minute riding circuit at the trot and canter pace.  In this way, groups may come mixed and those who are not ready for a faster pace will not impede other riders.  The cost is an extra $25 per person to add on the trot/canter portion.

Riders are grouped together regardless of horseback riding experience.  If you’d like more than our word on our ability to keep various equestrians engaged, challenged, entertained and feeling safe, please take a look at our stable’s reviews.  Needless to say, we don’t hear the word “boring” about our trail experience very often!  Take a look at photos of our dude ranch at the bottom of the page, and on our Facebook and Instagram feed to see just how gorgeous our trail rides are.


We reserve the right to charge in full for no-shows or cancellations less than 72 hrs before the ride, as well as riders who misrepresent their weight by over 5 lbs. Thanks for understanding this policy, which protects our small family business, as well as the horses who make dreams come true. We care about equine health & we know you do, too!

Trail ride around our 1.5 acre pond. Maybe even take the horses in for a swim if you dare!



Horseback riding birthday parties to the river and beyond! Trail riding into the water is a highlight of what we do.



Birthday Parties

How about a pony painting session for your birthday boy or girl! Spend 45 minutes painting the fabulous canvas of Maverick, our large, white namesake who humbly stands by as children write birthday messages, make horsey hand prints, or turn him into a zebra or unicorn! As always, the experience caters to each group, but focuses on developing comfort, respect and awe of the horse during unmounted activities.  After the work is done, we’ll throw a saddle on this noble steed and children can spend another 45 minutes taking turns horseback riding, learning about posture, hand and foot position, and goal setting.

Our birthday sessions remain focused on educating participants on horse safety, horse care and the fundamentals of safe riding.  We do not offer “pony rides,” but rather a beautiful experience that engages the senses.  What we provide is more of a challenge, and requires children to focus, follow instruction and care for the horse.  It’s quite rewarding to little cowboys and cowgirls to know they are giving back to these wonderful animals who offer we humans so much!

Ride a painted pony!: $250 for up to 6 buckaroos

Austin pony party extravaganza. Enjoy a unicorn, painting horses, pony rides and instructional interactions between your children and our knowledgeable and friendly guides. WARNING: silliness may ensue.

Trail riding lessons can be so exciting for folks who want to get a taste for what real horseback riding is about.  We do not believe it’s about riding in circles in an arena three times a week for ten years, and we do not believe its about joy riding the snot out of unresponsive animals that only pick up the pace when they are headed back to the barn.  Our trail riding lessons-paradigm on trail gives us the opportunity to educate riders, and this means that we can differentiate our teaching to the individual.  THAT means that individuals who demonstrate good balance, good control and kind hands and seat are able to execute more advanced obstacles than others.  We often ride with mixed skill-level horseback riding groups on trail, and we are happy to work with more confident or more experienced equestrians to be able to pick up the pace, have a little extra fun and experience something a little more gratifying than a trail ride.

Visiting from out of town?  Ask us for recommendations on beautiful places to visit in San Marcos and South Austin.  At just 20 minutes away, we are the closest riding ranch to downtown Austin.

Horseback rider takes AQHA gelding into the water of our lake
Beautiful water features on our Texas Dude Ranch, just outside of San Marcos and South Austin
So much fun taking a trail ride in the heat of Texas when you have a nice place to cool off
Enjoy splashing around in our lake on property or check our our beautiful creek!
sunset at dude ranch in San Marcos offers scenic views and horseback riding adventures for equestrians of all skill levels and ages
You’ll love the views on our Texas Dude Ranch
Children and family rides are a great way to get out and explore the area.
We offer rides to horse enthusiasts of all ages. Children as young as 2.5 can get involved. Call for details!
Big bay draft cross takes trail riders into the water for an epic trail riding adventure in San Marcos Texas at our family dude ranch
Horseback riding convenient to San Marcos
Natural horsemanship trainer MacCoy poses with her students in the background, enjoying the river of McKinney Roughs in Bastrop state park on a horseback riding adventure
All smiles on a sunny day in the Colorado River on a horseback riding vacation at MCKINNEY ROUGHS in Bastrop Texas
Here we are taking a drink of water in San Marcos on a summer day with a great group of friends
Horseback riding over the hills and through the woods, and to the water, of course, for a little sip.
Couple shown in the background over a field of Blue Bonnets at Parrie Haynes Riding Ranch in Killeen, mounted on walking horses while Equine photographer Joan Marie MacCoy takes a between the ears shot from the back of her trusted paint mare, Coca
Take a romantic vacation to PAIRRIE HAYNES in KILLEEN TX with your horses, or use some of ours!
Horse ranch pond is low from drought, but trainer Joan Marie MacCoy still enjoys a trip around the lake with Maverick and her dog Cecelia
Views from our ranch, when the lake was low during drought. Still beautiful and nice for a good swim.
Blue, orange and green summer pool noodles create the perfect horseback riding obstacle, as demonstrated by youth play day rider on APHA mare, Coca
Try out the play day obstacles like this colorful noodle wall
Riders take the plunge into the lake on horseback, pictured here are Rocky our trust chestnut quarter horse and Annie, our paint mare who is currently bred
Horseback Riding in the Water is always a fun time at our ranch!
horses in the lake at our horse rental facility in San Marcos
When you’re a little thirsty and you need a little lake of water to drink from…


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sunset at dude ranch in San Marcos offers scenic views and horseback riding adventures for equestrians of all skill levels and ages

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