Trail Rides

All trail rides are lesson-based (What does that mean?). Times are approximate and will vary based on the speed of the ride. Confident, athletic groups typically experience a faster ride, because the horses know when to pick it up! We reserve the right to charge in full for no-shows or cancellations less than 72 hrs before the ride.

Please see the FAQ page for more information.

AQHA Rocky and boarded paint horse mare Brandy enjoying some juicy grass while watching the sunrise over Maverick Valley Farm

The Pasture Ride

1.5 hrs total

The pasture ride is for families with children ages 3-7, or individuals with special considerations. Enjoy beautiful scenery with rolling hills and a 1.5 acre pond to stop by for a cool drink of water. For the horses only, of course!  You’ll enjoy 45-60 minutes in the saddle, with panoramic views of our valley, wooded areas, and when appropriate, water crossings too!

$75 per person.  

Trail ride around our 1.5 acre pond. Maybe even take the horses in for a swim if you dare!

The Ranch Ride

2-2.5 hours total

Enjoy elevation changes of up to 80 feet with glorious panoramic views of lowland valley, a 1.5 acre pond, open land, wooded areas, a creek on property and beautiful pastures with classic split rail fence. The Ranch ride is best for enthusiastic children ages 4+, or horseback riders any age 7 years and up.  Riders who book a private ride and travel at a trot/canter pace may occasionally complete this ride in as little as 60 minutes, although the average group ride will take about 1.25-1.5 hours in the saddle to complete.

$100 per person

Horseback riding birthday parties to the river and beyond! Trail riding into the water is a highlight of what we do.

The River Ride

2.5-3 hours total

The River Ride is great for confident outdoor lovers who are totally new to riding, but open to learning and experiencing some adventure, folks who rode way back when, or more advanced riders.  You’ll enjoy extended portions of walking through the water, a magical experience for people who have never done it before (and it remains special for those of us who’ve done it time and again!). If you think you might like to pick up the pace and see the most varied terrain, this is the ride for you. Make sure you ask about a private ride if you are sure you want to attempt a faster pace. Generally, a group River Ride will include some light trotting. For safety reasons, please keep in mind that we have to cater to the weakest rider in the group.  Our standard River Trail is about an hour and forty five minutes in the saddle, although it may be completed in as little as 1.25 hours for trot/canter groups, or as long as 2 hours if we take a more leisurely pace.

$150 per person

Downtown Lockhart, pictured here with horseback rider in front of the courthouse, is just a skip away from the dude ranch, and only 30 minutes from South Austin, 45 minutes from Round Rock. Nice!

River Ride to Downtown Lockhart, Lunch Included!

4-4.5 hours total

Get ready for the full Texas experience. Ride the best of the ranch ride and into the river. Enjoy splashing your way toward downtown Lockhart, where we can tie up and enjoy refreshments of your choice. Due to the break we take on the Downtown ride, we are able to accommodate heavier riders as well as folks who may not be quite ready to take on the standard River Ride Trail. We will tie up at one of Lockhart’s amazing restaurants and enjoy a lunch or dinner while your faithful steeds wait to take you back home to the ranch. You’ll spend a total of about 2.5-3 hours on the horse, broken up by lunch, of course.

Don’t forget to ask about overnight accommodations, multi-day packages and add-ons to this ride, such as a stop at the park for the kids to play on the playground or an extra jaunt through the historical district to sight see.

$225 per person (All food and drink included)

Austin pony party extravaganza. Enjoy a unicorn, painting horses, pony rides and instructional interactions between your children and our knowledgeable and friendly guides. WARNING: silliness may ensue.

Birthday Parties

Ride a painted pony!

How about a pony painting party for your birthday boy or girl! Spend 45 minutes painting the fabulous canvas of Maverick, our large, white namesake who humbly stands by as children write birthday messages, make horsey hand prints, or turn him into a zebra or unicorn! After the work is done, we’ll throw a saddle on this noble steed and children can spend another 45 minutes taking turns horseback riding. Enjoy a shady table under the tree with horse pastures all around you while you eat cake and open presents! You’ll have access to the Ranch porch, Rec Room and Kitchen to entertain your guests for another hour after your horsey time is complete.

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