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What’s a trail ride?

Please see our Ride Schedules and Prices page for details and times about rides.  Our lessons are all held in beautiful, scenic spaces on good school horses that have been there, done that.  It’s a suitable experience for most riders, any age, beginner through advanced.

There are two ways to do a trail ride.  The first is to come as an experienced rider, who understands how to prepare a horse for the ride, who has fallen.  This rider knows the ropes and is comfortable in a variety of scenery and settings.  The cost for this is an entry fee to a preferred location and either a horse rental or the use of the rider’s own horse.  We occasionally offer off-property trail rides.  Call for more information.

The second way to do a “trail ride” is to get on a horse that’s prepared for you, and be herded on a pre-set trail that the horses have done the same way, day-in and day-out, such that they don’t respond to rider cues but simply follow the trail.  We do not endorse this style of riding.  It creates a false and misleading perception of the general public that horseback riding is easy, safe, requires little work and can be done with little effort.  Wrong!  A horseback riding experience is inherently dangerous, requires lots of effort, and will be affected by the rider’s willingness to follow instruction, observe the horse, and maintain emotional projection.  Want to hear about our trail riding lessons?  Take a look at this blog post on Marilyn’s experience, or read one of our hundreds of reviews on Trip Advisor, Facebook, Google Reviews or Yelp.

We offer lessons with a stunning backdrop that will make your inner photographer squeal with delight.

Special Events

Please check back in with us about special events in San Marcos, Austin, Pflugerville, San Antonio and Round Rock!  Our next event is October 13th in San Marcos at the Alzheimer’s Walk.  Rush, mini horse extraordinaire, is going to be walking with us to raise money to help Alzheimer’s researcher’s help people!

Click for info about our 2017 First Annual Halloween Party

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If you are looking for general information about hosting your wedding, family reunion, corporate event or fundraiser with us, please check out our Special Events Page and contact us for more information.

Dora (13) came with us to ride for four days.  Her parents brought her first thing in the morning and came back in the evening.  Dora completed bareback riding sessions, learned about horse care and ranch maintenance, went on River, Ranch and Downtown rides and even got to visit the local candy store.

Ava (7), Katie (11), Samuel (8), Henry (8) and Rachel (12) came to ride for five days in a row as a group for summer camp activities.  The children stayed with us in our family ranch house overnight.  Our focus for the week was learning all about horses, ranch care and even horse photography.  It was a horse-centric week with some fun extras you can only get on a Texas-style family ranch, such as evenings spent discussing horsemanship tactics learned during the day while pursuing around our 1.5 acre pond in paddle boats or cruising through the ranch in our truck to enjoy the views, fun, and of course, check the perimeter fences!  We took the children riding into town for a trip to the Caldwell County Jail House Museum, to Flash Candy and Toys, Black’s for BBQ and Made for Walkin’ Boot Store.  Looking for summer camp options?  Call us to find out what we have scheduled for spring break, fall break, winter break and summer.

Horsemanship Apprenticeships

Alli and Sam (9) are learning all about horses, riding, and teaching.  They participate in Monday night class and are present to lend a hand on almost all weekend rides.  Alli and Sam help work horses by riding challenging, but schooled ponies.  This helps us determine the level of rider appropriate for various horses.

Brittany and Victoria (adults) spent six weeks learning about equine care and management, ranch care and bareback riding.

Marissa (13) spent two years riding with Maverick Stables located just 20 minutes from the heart of San Marcos.  She was an intermediate rider who mastered her skills learning how to care for tack, properly prepare a horse for a ride, instruct beginners and ride bareback.  She spent many overnights with us, and became one of MacCoy’s infamous “rent-a-children,” as she laughingly calls them.  Marissa is still a part of the Maverick Ranch home, and comes to visit us to this day.

Sara (adult) started as a regular riding student at Maverick’s.  Now we call HER when we need an extra hand with a group ride.  Sara was already a very skilled rider, and we continue to work with her on minor adjustments to pressure and release, balanced riding, and handling green or challenging horses.

Ben (adult) needed to prepare to ride for a reality TV show!  He didn’t know what he would be required to do, but he needed to learn to ride as well as he could, as fast as he could.  Ben came three times a week for a few weeks and had a whole host of activities to throw him into horsemanship boot camp.

Makenna (9) road with us for two years.  We taught her everything, and by the time we parted ways to move to Lockhart, Makenna knew how to approach, halter, lead and tie forward horses, pick feet of challenging horses, tack English and Western, ride bareback, canter, pony and more.  We broke a miniature horse for her, which her family proceeded to sell through a local Hunter Jumper Facility.

Prices on Apprenticeship Programs vary.  Please contact us for more information.

Team Building

Eric called on behalf of his company, who wanted to set up a one-time team-building trail riding lesson session for 13 people.  He needed to be in and out in 2 hours.  We got the details of the riders to have horse and rider pairs matched up in advance.  Our lesson on the trail is perfect for team building activities.

A group of Facebook interns chose horseback riding as their team building activity.  Facebook sent the interns to ride with us on an exploratory trail in McKinney Roughs.  We covered the park and made sure the students were good and worn out before we sent them back home.


Foreign Language Meets Horseback Riding?

Leo (6) was a student struggling in his ESL program.  His mother and father brought him to us for an ESL program, via ranchlife and horses.  Leo really opened up and developed confidence to continue improving his conversational English with his peers.

MacCoy taught a group introductory Spanish class as a communicative experience (similar to immersion), using the ranch animals as the avenue for learning.

We have accommodated riders of low English proficiency on private rides.  If you’d like to hear about how we can help a group you represent, please call.

MacCoy is a near native-like Spanish speaker who has also taught Italian and Chinese.  Her affinity for languages is a passion that MacCoy likes to integrate into horseback riding experiences whenever possible.

Language classes, which utilize activities on and around the ranch, are available upon request.


MacCoy was not raised doing yoga, and frankly thought yoga was kind of silly, until she fell in love.  As a young horse trainer and breaker, MacCoy had to find many ways to stay healthy.  Yoga so much impacted her daily life that she has gone on to instruct mounted yoga classes as well as yoga on the ground, in the beautiful energy and space of the ranch house porch, which offers a panoramic view of the valley, pond, creek and horses.

Yes, we practice the art of the horse yogi.

Yoga classes are available weekly by special request.

Have an idea?  Let’s hear it!

Trail riding horsemanship lessons offered at our Texas Dude Ranch in Central TX, near San Marcos
Horseback riding convenient to San Marcos Texas


Rocky models a bridle laced with sunflowers at our special events venue in Austin
We offer several venues to host your Special Event in Austin


Two rocking chairs and beautiful mosaic tile table bundled up nice and cozy on the porch of this Texas dude ranch home
We offer stunning overnight accommodations for guests of your special event.

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