Summer Camp


Day Camp offers riders 1.5-2 hours of mounted time, with a plethora of other fun activities on the ground geared toward campers based on interest areas and age.  Campers will learn all about horse care from the ground up, from approaching, haltering, leading, tying safely, to inspecting and caring for tack and gear, preparing the horse for rides and of course how to ride in a way that is safe for them and healthy for the horse.  More advanced riders will learn about maintaining proper contact on the horse’s mouth, using leg pressure to steer and all riders will have the opportunity to take advantage of bareback riding.

PRICE: Day camp runs from 8am to 5 pm.  If you need early drop off or late pick up, please inquire as to availability and price on an as-needed, custom basis.

$400 per week


We have an amazing team that’s been able to collaborate, using 8 years of managing horse camp programs, to come up with a full day that is fun, engaging, professional and delivered with care. Our reputation for a unique ability to differentiate teaching enables us to facilitate learning of riders of different skill levels.

For the full working horse ranch experience!

PRICE: Overnight camp includes the cost of all room and board. Campers who stay two consecutive weeks are welcome to stay with us Saturday night at no additional fee. We offer laundry service to campers who bunk with us two sessions.  Overnight campers will enjoy two trails each day, with a multitude of other unmounted activities.

$795 per week

Campers will receive a Ranch Management Completion Certificate upon completion of their week. They will also receive a trail ride gift certificate with a one year expiration period.


We are offering five camp options. Haul-in is available for campers who wish to bring their own horse. Please contact us for additional information.

Session One: June 18th- June 24th

Session Two: July 16th- July 22nd

Session Three: July 30th- August 5th

Session Four: August 13th- August 19th

Session Five: August 20th- August 26th


This is an equine and ranch management camp. All activities are directly tied into what it takes to be a healthy horse and rider pair, with insight into what the life of a horse professional looks like. So your child thinks he or she wants a horse? Send him or her to us for the full horse ownership experience!

Want to understand our extras better? Check out our blog roll for more information! Our extras include amazing arts and crafts related to horses and ranching, yoga (Why yoga?), Spanish immersion, creating a dream board collage, horse soccer (What’s horse soccer?), boating on the pond, bathing the horses, vaulting and bareback riding, driving and longeing. Students will learn about horse and tack care, including bathing, cleaning and oiling tack, and of course all of the steps necessary to approach, halter, lead and prepare a horse for the ride. Campers will learn about horse training with empathy.

Here at Maverick Summer Horse Camp, it’s all horses, all the time.

Day Camp and Overnight Camp Options Available.

We break our summer campers into small groups, which enables us to serve each child independently in a way that will reach to them as individuals. All children learn differently. We appeal to the various types of intelligence that exist using proven methods that have been implemented in both academic and professional backgrounds.

Upon parent request, we are thrilled to offer you photography of your Summer Campers. Learn more about our Equine Photography during Ranch Management Summer Camp 2017.



The Long: Children are required to wear properly fitting equestrian helmets while mounted.  Children will need to bring their own helmet.  In the event that children forget their helmet or need to borrow one of ours, we will provide one at no additional fee.  While we take pride in continually upgrading our helmets with replacements from certified helmet distributors, we cannot guarantee the quality of the helmet or its fit.  Children are safest if they have their own helmet, fitted by a professional.  Dover Saddlery in Austin is a great place to find knowledgeable staff to help you find the right size and fit.


We have a wide selection of boots available for emergency situations (oh no!  My boots are soaked!), however our boots are not meant for recurring rider use.  We may not be able to provide boots with the right fit, and boots are not in as good of condition as our helmets.  Please come with boots with a half inch heel.  This is a primary safety issue.

The Short: LUNCH

The Long: Children should bring a sack lunch.  We DO have both a microwave and an over available if necessary as well as a refrigerator.  We keep our kitchen areas and refrigerators in clean condition.  Your children will love dining with us on the back porch of the ranch house overlooking the valley with horses grazing contentedly, or a picnic lunch by the pond.  BRING LOTS OF WATER.  Alternative drinks with electrolytes are recommended as well.  Your summer camper will be HOT and THIRSTY so make sure he or she is ready to rock and roll with plenty of liquids.




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Camp Schedule

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